These Are the Vegas Golden Knights We Know

Some games aren't meant to be won easily. But for the Vegas Golden Knights, they earned a Game 6 victory.
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Sometimes, things in life aren't meant to come easy. There's such a thing as working for your meal, whether it's in school or for a promotion. The Vegas Golden Knights had to work hard for their victory on Friday. That meant shifting some players around and tying up loose ends.

Yet, they earned that win, shutting out the Dallas Stars, 2-0. Granted, it wasn't pretty. The Stars put the pressure on the Golden Knights, something that's been a staple throughout the series. However, the Golden Knights persevered, holding on to force a do-or-die Game 7.

It might've taken a Noah Hanifin goal in the third period to get the party started. But sometimes, they say it's better late than never. That's especially true with the Golden Knights struggling to score any goals during the last period throughout the series. All Vegas had to do was play back, let their forecheck clog all shooting lanes, and eat up the clock. The rest is history, as they say.

Bruce Cassidy's Gamble Helps the Vegas Golden Knights

Bruce Cassidy made some notable changes in his lineup before Game 5, which included taking out Logan Thompson for Adin Hill. The reason? Hill was the more experienced goaltender, proving his worth during last season's Stanley Cup run. Yet, Thompson had played spectacularly during his playoff run this season.

The gamble didn't necessarily pay off in Game 5, for the Dallas Stars won that game, 3-2. Still, that didn't deter Cassidy from starting him again for Game 6, where the Calgary native pitched a shutout. He stopped 23 shots, including an incredible sequence in the second period.

Hill stood on his head throughout the game, going toe-to-toe with a red-hot Jake Oettinger. The result was a victory for the Golden Knights that sent the series to a Game 7. With Hill having an incredible game, he'll likely start the penultimate game.

The Job's Not Done Yet

The job isn't done with the Vegas Golden Knights yet, though. They still must steal one more game in Dallas on Sunday. That means improving their scoring efforts and driving the puck towards the net. With Oettinger playing better every game, that might seem like a tall task.

However, this is Golden Knights hockey that fans are accustomed to. Vegas outshot Dallas 30-23 in the game and clogged shooting lanes at every juncture. As a result, they made life miserable for the shoot-and-pray Stars, who rely on getting pucks to the net.

The series hasn't been won yet by any means. However, with the sense of urgency the Golden Knights had in Game 6, they can put away the Dallas Stars on Sunday. It's just a matter of continuing to play with a fire in their bellies.