3 Takeaways From Game 5's Loss for the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights find themselves one game away from being eliminated. Here are three takeaways from a pivotal Game 5.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Five
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Five / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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There are plenty of things to be said about the Vegas Golden Knights after Game 5. They're screwed, they're in a tight spot, and they're about to be eliminated. Losing 3-2 to the Dallas Stars on Wednesday warrants these phrases, for the Golden Knights have looked flat in the past three games.

Heading into Game 3? All happy and mighty, with the Golden Knights sticking their chests out, heading into T-Mobile Arena.

Game 4? Yes, Dallas might've gotten a game. But it's all good, with the Golden Knights having another game at T-Mobile Arena.

Game 5? Now they're worried. The Stars have momentum and life, heading back to Texas with a chip on their shoulder.

Game 6? Well, the Golden Knights better come up with a win at the "Fortress." Otherwise, they're hitting the golf course in May and teeing it up. That's not a place where the defending champions want to be.

Yet, here we are, with emotions, poor decisions, and bad play unraveling the team before everyone's eyes. Take a pick from any of the problems plaguing the Golden Knights now. Want to talk about the bad penalties that are feeding the sixth-best power play unit in the NHL this season? That's a good starting point.

What about having just one third period goal throughout the series? That's kept the Stars in the game throughout the series, with the Vegas Golden Knights being lucky they weren't swept. Or perhaps it was Adin Hill getting the start over a solid Logan Thompson in Game 5.

Whatever the case is, the Golden Knights are in trouble and they need answers immediately. The Dallas Stars are turning the tables and controlling the Golden Knights at every turn. Whether it's pushing the puck through the neutral zone or creating an array of high-danger chances, Dallas looks like the better team. With that, here are three takeaways from Vegas's Game 5 loss.