Ranking Golden Knight Trade Candidates Based On... Wing Spiciness

The trade deadline is coming, which means players are flying across the NHL. While Vegas is limited in what they can trade for, it doesn't mean we can't dream up some possibilities. Here's who Vegas should consider bringing on board.
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9. BWW Blazin'

Jack Eichel
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A funny thing about these Flames candidates is most, if not all, of them are on one-year deals. That includes Noah Hanifin, who's like Tanev, only younger (26). Plus, the Boston native can move the puck up and down effortlessly, combining this talent with his excellent skating ability.

The Flames would like some draft picks in the deal, which Vegas can provide. Since McCrimmon is looking to go younger, Hanifin would be an ideal fit for an extension. That's especially true since Alec Martinez (36) is going to be a free agent next season.