Ranking Golden Knight Trade Candidates Based On... Wing Spiciness

The trade deadline is coming, which means players are flying across the NHL. While Vegas is limited in what they can trade for, it doesn't mean we can't dream up some possibilities. Here's who Vegas should consider bringing on board.
Calgary Flames v Arizona Coyotes
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10. Ghost Pepper

Elias Lindholm, Marco Rossi
Calgary Flames v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages

The distinction of ghost pepper flavor goes to the spiciest candidate of all. How fitting is it that it would be a Calgary Flame, Elias Lindholm. The Flames center is set to become a free agent after this season and is due $4.85 million for the season. It remains to be seen if Kelly McCrimmon will bite on this.

But for an injury-riddled Golden Knights team, the Swedish center can do it all. He can be a Selke Trophy candidate who knows how to play both ends of the ice. Not only that, but he's great on special teams, which has eluded Vegas in recent memory. It's worth trying, even if it stings the roof of the mouth.