Ranking Golden Knight Trade Candidates Based On... Wing Spiciness

The trade deadline is coming, which means players are flying across the NHL. While Vegas is limited in what they can trade for, it doesn't mean we can't dream up some possibilities. Here's who Vegas should consider bringing on board.
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8. Honey Sriracha Buffalo

Casey Mittelstadt, John Tavares
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The Vegas Golden Knights and Buffalo Sabres have done business together before, with Jack Eichel at the center of it all. But what if Casey Mittlestadt was sent over? You can count on the center on the power play and as a pure offensive talent, after all.

However, Buffalo might not want to take the spicy route and trade Mittlestadt away. The center is due for a long-term extension and the Sabres are still in their development phase. It's safe to say the Minnesota native won't likely be going anywhere anytime soon.