Who is the lowest-paid Golden Knights player?

The Vegas Golden Knights also have a player who's the lowest-paid. Who is this mysterious star?
Edmonton Oilers v Vegas Golden Knights
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Previously, there was a post regarding who the highest-paid Vegas Golden Knights star was. That happened to be Jack Eichel, who's earning $10 million AAV. There's a good reason for that; he's the go-to player for the Golden Knights, being efficient offensively and on the power play. He's also clutch in the postseason, scoring nine goals and 24 assists in 29 playoff games.

Therefore, he deserves to be the highest-paid player on the team. Franchises pay their superstars the most money, banking on them to perform in the clutch. Whle there are the captains of the team and franchise record-holders, it's all about those who play well in crunch time. That's what Eichel does, for he's one of the best NHL players when he's on the ice.

But what about the other end of the spectrum? What about the player who's not getting enough pay for their play? Why are they not getting a hefty payday for their contributions to the team? That's an interesting question to ponder, for there are numerous candidates. It won't be stars like Mark Stone or William Karlsson, for they're proficient in their crafts and serve a purpose. Still, here's the lowest-paid player on the Golden Knights.

Jonas Rondjberg is the lowest-paid player on the Vegas Golden Knights

Forward Jonas Rondjberg happens to be the lowest-paid player on the Vegas Golden Knights. Not much is known about this depth piece, other than he's from Denmark. He's also a big body who has a good hockey IQ to his game. But that's about it, for he doesn't have a flashy game. That's why he has three goals and seven assists in 63 career games.

When it comes to Golden Knights defensemen, it's Ben Hutton, who actually got a two-year contract extension last season. Hutton's cap hit is $975,000, making him the only Golden Knights defenseman below the $1 million threshold. He's a journeyman who's made his rounds on teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs and Los Angeles Kings. Therefore, he doesn't make much to stand out. Still, he's done well enough to earn an extension, which makes him more valuable.

Ilya Samsonov is the lowest-paid goaltender, signing a one-year, $1.8 million deal this offseason. He's on a prove-it deal and must show Vegas he can become a viable piece. Like Jonas Rondjberg, not much is thought about the player except he's a backup. With Adin Hill expected to be the main goaltender, Samsonov will follow with a chance to prove himself.

As for Rondjberg, he should get more regular playing time with the lineup reshuffled. The Danish forward should benefit from getting more on-ice experience. However, he's got one more season until he's a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. After that, he become an unrestricted free agent after the 2025-26 season.