The Vegas Golden Knights as... Avengers

It's the Fourth of July, which means it's time to have some patriotic, superhero-like fun. Which Golden Knights are similar to the Avengers?
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Okay, before you blast this post for even existing, know this. The main purpose is Captain America. It's the Fourth of July, A.K.A. Independence Day in the United States. It's a celebration fit for a superhero like Steve Rogers, who's saved the world fighting villains such as Red Skull and Thanos.

Therefore, it's fitting to see which iconic American superheroes most resemble the Vegas Golden Knights. That starts with the Avengers, arguably one of the most popular superhero ensembles in the United States. With Avengers: Endgame being one of the most recognizable movies ever, the two being married together sounds like a fantastic concept.

After all, who wouldn't want to see Jack Eichel defeat Nazi sympathizers? It would be awe-inspiring to see one of the best American players score for their country and inspire a generation of potential hockey players. Fans can always rely on Eichel for a clutch goal or two. The same can be said for Mark Stone, who's become a focal point of Vegas's offense.

This also coincides with the proposed movie about the Golden Knights. Having actors such as Chris Hemsworth playing William Karlsson would pack the movie theaters. That would also happen in Las Vegas, with fans wanting to see Vegas hockey players save the world. But there's more to this iteration than actors playing Stanley Cup-winning hockey stars.

Let's explore which Vegas Golden Knights stars are most similar to the Avengers. In honor of Independence Day, it's fitting to explore one of the most American tropes in its society: comic books. It's as American as baseball and apple pie, with legendary figures such as Superman and Captain America. Therefore, let's explore the Golden Knights most similar to these legendary superheroes.

Jack Eichel is... Captain America

This makes the most sense, for Jack Eichel is from North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Ironically, Captain America actor, Chris Evans, also hails from Massachusetts (Boston), so the designation is a perfect fit. It's like he was made for this role of saving the world.

It makes perfect sense since he's representing the United States at the upcoming 4 Nations face-off. Eichel has represented America on numerous levels of international play, including the IIHF World Championships and IIHF World Junior Championships. He knows a thing or two about representing his country from a hockey perspective, making him Captain America.

One might think,

"Hey, why not Mark Stone? He's the team captain! He'd be a great fit!"

Here's the thing. Stone is Canadian, hailing from Winnipeg. It wouldn't make much sense to have someone north of the border as Captain America. That's especially true on the Fourth of July, which would be a cardinal sin in American society. Therefore, Jack Eichel makes the most sense here. However, there is a role that would fit the Captain well...