4 actors that must play one of the Golden Knights

Last season's Stanley Cup run was pure cinema for Vegas Golden Knights fans. There are four actors that would be perfect for a cinematic film.
Chris Hemsworth Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Chris Hemsworth Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages
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You're wondering what a picture of Chris Hemsworth is doing as the main pic here. There's an actor on a hockey site, which feels out of place. Granted, he does look like a good actor to play a Swedish hockey player. Yet, you probably have some questions...

"What is Thor doing on a Vegas Golden Knights blog? Shouldn't he be with Captain America and Iron Man putting Thanos out of his misery?"

Well, dear reader, imagine if a movie about the team's 2022-23 Stanley Cup run was being shot. It would highlight how they started on a Stanley Cup run in 2017-18, helping the community overcome a tragic mass shooting that happened a week before the regular season's start. Although they didn't win it all, hope was on the horizon.

Then it was a series of trials and tribulations, with one head coach fired after blowing a 3-1 lead. The head coach that won the series takes over, leading them to two straight semifinals. The next season, he misses the postseason and is gone, being replaced with a new head coach from Boston. He's got a reputation for being unfriendly, yet he got the job done.

Granted, the Golden Knights didn't have the same Hollywood ending as last season, getting bounced by that same head coach from before. However, fans saw their team walk off to the sunset with the Stanley Cup, standing atop the mountain.

So what does that have to do with Chris Hemsworth in this blog? Why will he play an integral role in telling the story of Vegas's past triumph? Dear reader, prepare to have your mind blown because there will be a surprising correlation. That's because the actor for Thor will play the role of...

William Karlsson, played by Chris Hemsworth

This is too perfect for William Karlsson. Chris Hemsworth has played a character of (presumably) Viking origin, and he would grow his hair out like Thor. It's a perfect marriage between a hockey player and a potential fantasy casting for Karlsson.

The actor from theThor films would also have a side story of him and his wife rescuing a dog from a Korean dog meat trade. It would tell how the dog, Obi, would become an integral part of his Vegas Golden Knights career, endearing viewers and fans alike. Of course, there would be other parts of the story, including his love for soccer.

All the ladies would get a view of a shirtless Australian portraying a Swedish hockey star. Imagine Hemsworth giving Karlsson's famous "Day F****** One" speech before the credits hit. The star holds a beer up to the crowd, building the story for his friend to be introduced. He embraces his buddy for winning the Conn Smythe trophy as he douses himself in another beer. Of course, that playoff MVP would be played by none other than...