When is the first ever Prime Monday Night Hockey game?

Amazon Prime is entering the hockey realm, featuring hockey teams such as the Vegas Golden Knights. When will the first-ever game happen?
Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights
Anaheim Ducks v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Amazon Prime is entering the hockey field with its "Prime Monday Night Hockey" program. It's part of the Seattle-based company's concerted efforts to grow in the sports realm, starting with their successful "Thursday Night Football" program. They also have done work with the NHL, including a documentary about the lives of various NHL superstars (featuring Jack Eichel).

Fans in the United States and Canada will see their favorite teams square off at no additional charge... if they're already Prime members. Teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs will be featured on the "Monday Night Hockey" schedule, with fans watching their favorite players. Whether it's Auston Matthews or Connor McDavid, the viewing will offer a variety of contests fit for the hardcore hockey fan. Be on the lookout, Vegas Golden Knights fans!

But fans are wondering when the action starts for the compay that made Lex Luthor-lookalike Jeff Bezos famous. When is the first NHL game on the program? Which two teams will be featured on Amazon Prime? Will fans get to see Jack Eichel take on players like McDavid?

The Montreal Canadiens will face off against the Pittsburgh Penguins on October 14, 2024 for the first-ever exclusive Prime Video game

The first-ever "Prime Monday Night Hockey" game will feature the legendary franchise, the Montreal Canadiens, squaring off against the Pittsburgh Penguins. The contest will happen on October 14, with Sidney Crosby and company facing off against the 24-time champions. It's a good start to showcase the NHL's best talents, specifically one that has been generational in Crosby for the past decade.

The slate will also feature matchups between the Tampa Bay Lightning against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Maple Leafs against the Winnipeg Jets. No games featuring the Vegas Golden Knights have been announced this season, so fans should be on the lookout for future dates.

Still, it offers a good opportunity for hockey fans to watch the best players with their Amazon Prime subscriptions. It should help everyone get through stressful work weeks and dealing with awful co-workers. Why not take in a game involving Auston Matthews and Connor Bedard? It provides a great escape from reality.

Hopefully, the Vegas Golden Knights will get a future date or two on the program. They've had some memorable contests against teams like the Edmonton Oilers, with their 2023 playoff series being the perfect example. Hockey fans will love seeing McDavid and Jack Eichel face off against one another. Still, it's worth getting Prime to watch and scout the Pacific Division during the season.