When does NHL free agency start?

The landscape will shift for many NHL teams in the summer, including the Vegas Golden Knights. When will the free agency chaos start?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It's tough being the center of attention, especially with free agency coming soon. Many teams want your services, hoping to bolster their chances of winning the Stanley Cup. That includes Jonathan Marchessault, who hopes to get paid for his 42-goal season. Some teams like the Vegas Golden Knights are hoping to retain such a player's services.

That includes the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are trying to bring back Steven Stamkos for a potential farewell tour. Tampa Bay can empathize with the Golden Knights on bringing back beloved figures, for both Marchessault and Stamkos are award-winning stars. It adds stress on the franchises themselves and fans, leaving them wondering if their favorite players will ever return.

So you're probably wondering why Jonathan Marchessault has been mentioned so much in free agency talks for the Vegas Golden Knights. For Vegas hockey fans, they know the backstory behind the former Conn Smythe winner. He sets a career-high in goals for himself (coming close to the franchise record) and adds bite to the power play.

But what non-Golden Knights fans should know about the winger is he has a legacy in Las Vegas. As one of the "Golden Misfits," he's one of the most accomplished players in franchise history, with his previous Conn Smythe trophy to show. There's also the charitable work he does around the community, making him much more revered. He's made it into his home, with the community loving him back.

So when does the most suspenseful period start for Vegas hockey fans? Will it be a day where the franchise's landscape changes for all of eternity? Here's a look at when the NHL free agency period starts, which might become a somber period for Las Vegas.

The NHL free agency begins on July 1st

It's bizarre to see the Stanley Cup playoffs wrap up in mid-to-late June, only for the free agency period to start on July 1st. Yet, here we are. It's part of business as usual in the sports world, where the cycle starts a new beginning for a season.

But for many Vegas Golden Knights fans, July 1st will feel like they've lost a family member if Jonathan Marchessault goes elsewhere. It's been stated numerous times on message boards and blogs like this. However, one player can have an impact on an entire community. That includes his on-ice and off-ice work.

That's why the beginning of July will be a day where Golden Knights fans will hold their breath. The thought of losing one of the most treasured "Golden Misfits", a player who helped set the standard in Las Vegas, will be gone forever. If he does go elsewhere, it'll be a somber day in Sin City for hockey fans within the community.