Could the Vegas Golden Knights sign Steven Stamkos?

With the Jonathan Marchessault rumors swirling around, the Vegas Golden Knights need a fallback plan. Could Steven Stamkos fit in for the Golden Knights?
Tampa Bay Lightning v Florida Panthers - Game Five
Tampa Bay Lightning v Florida Panthers - Game Five / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

With the rumors swirling about Jonathan Marchessault and the Vegas Golden Knights, they need a fallback plan. That player must fill the void of the previous player, coming in and making an impact. He must also bring excitement to the fanbase, establishing himself within the community. What if that person was Steven Stamkos?

The beloved figure of the Tampa Bay Lightning scored 40 goals and 41 assists last season, providing a spark for the Lightning offense. The former No. 1 overall pick is 34 years old and would provide that same spark for the Golden Knights offensively. Currently, there's no room for him since he would also fetch a sizable contract for his services.

However, let's assume that Marchessault goes elsewhere. He signs a good deal and goes to a different team, beginning a new adventure in, say, Buffalo. What should the Golden Knights consider to fill the void on the top line? Could they bring in an in-house option such as Tomas Hertl or Mark Stone? What about Stamkos, who's an established star in the NHL?

That's what the Vegas Golden Knights must consider if the "Original Misfit" leaves. After all, all free agency plans for Vegas start and end with him. If Marchessault doesn't return, here's what the Golden Knights would look like with the Markham native donning the gray and gold.

Steven Stamkos's Profile

Steven Stamkos has had an illustrious career in the NHL. He won the Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy twice (2010, 2012), awarded to the leading goal scorer in the NHL. His scoring prowess is well-versed throughout the league, with 555 career goals scored. Even in 2013-14, he notched 25 goals in 37 games. If there's one thing the seven-time All-Star knows how to do, it's put pucks in the net.

And how! His shot comes at a high velocity, blazing past hapless goaltenders who only hope to contain it. He works well in the left circle, where he's made his living throughout his career. In short, he's perhaps the best sniper in hockey for the past two decades.

But it isn't his shot that would make him a boon for the Vegas Golden Knights. Stamkos is also an incredible playmaker, moving the puck with ease up and down the ice. He also has a pedigree on special teams, an area desperately needed from the Golden Knights since their inception.

In fact, one can make the argument that Stamkos could be the perfect replacement for Marchessault, should he leave. He's bigger than the winger (6'1" and 193 lbs.) and would provide a bigger spark on the power play. If No. 81 is no longer a Golden Knight, Vegas should move to sign the two-time Stanley Cup champion.

The one hang-up with bringing in Steven Stamkos

One reason might be that Stamkos himself might be too pricey. He's still producing at a high clip, which means he'll still command a higher AAV. With the Vegas Golden Knights tight on cap space, that will mean that teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks will make a run at the seven-time All-Star.

Stamkos is also 34 years old, which means this wouldn't be a long-term signing for the Golden Knights. Why pay a jaw-droppin' amount of money for an aging center when you can go with younger alternatives? Vegas should seek depth for the forward position, going with cheaper options and in-house options.

Besides, Bruce Cassidy can always bump up a player like Hertl or Stone to the top line. He could even test out forwards like Nicolas Roy on the unit, developing their chemistry and skill set with Jack Eichel and Ivan Barbashev. There might not be a need for Stamkos to come to Vegas, especially if the in-house options look as enticing.

Still, it would be fun to see the two-time Stanley Cup champion try to win another title in Las Vegas. His pedigree and outstanding abilities would make the Golden Knights tough to stop. If things don't go as planned this offseason, look for Vegas to shake things up in the NHL.