Free agent profile featuring Sean Monahan

The Vegas Golden Knights are looking to replenish their forward lines this offseason. One of the players that could fill a void is Sean Monahan.
Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche - Game Four
Winnipeg Jets v Colorado Avalanche - Game Four / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

When the Vegas Golden Knights played the Winnipeg Jets this season, they swept the season series. In fact, they won each game handily, with the closest game on October 19, 2023 (5-3 in favor of the Golden Knights). But that's not the game that carries significance for this article.

If anything, it's the last match-up of the season series this year that does, happening on March 28, 2024. It was a 4-1 Golden Knights victory, which saw Sean Monahan score in the second period. It happened to be the equalizer at the time, just before the Golden Knights unleashed three goals the next period.

Still, it's worth examining if the 29-year-old is worth bringing on for a Vegas Golden Knights team seeking forward help. They have five forwards hitting free agency this offseason, which means most tenured players aren't returning next season. However, that doesn't mean Vegas isn't going to bolster the unit.

In fact, Monahan looks like a promising candidate to join the Golden Knights. With a successful 2023-24 campaign (26 goals, 33 assists), there's good reason to believe that he'd be an incredible fit. Let's examine how the Winnipeg forward would fit within the Golden Knights's system.

Sean Monahan's profile

Last season, Sean Monahan had a good season for two offensively challenged teams, the Winnipeg Jets and the Montreal Canadiens. His 26 goals were a boon, with half of those coming with the Jets. Nine of those total goals were on the power play, making him a good special teams player. In fact, he chipped in two short-handed goals this season, adding to his special teams prowess.

Monahan stands at 6'2" and weighs in at 200 lbs, making him a sizable hockey player. The native of Brampton, Ontario, spent nine seasons with the Calgary Flames, acting as an important offensive piece for the Flames. He also played 74 games with the Canadiens before being traded to the Winnipeg Jets.

If there's one thing that should stand out for the Vegas Golden Knights, it's his size. The Golden Knights value big bodies on the ice, which makes the former Flame valuable. It's worth watching to see if Vegas bites on the opportunity to sign Monahan, who was a cap hit of just $2 million this season.

Why Sean Monahan would fit with the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights have sought help with the man advantage since the franchise's inception. It has been a punchline within the fanbase, with fans dreading the Golden Knights going on the man advantage. With their highest power play percentage being 22% in 2019-20, they still need skilled offensive players on the unit. Enter Sean Monahan, who specializes in this practice.

Monahan has a good shot, with his abilities shining at the hash marks. He takes care of the puck and has adapted well to the lower lines. Although he's battled numerous injuries during his career, the 29-year-old can still be the 20-goal scorer he's been early on. A bonus is his 76 career power play goals, which can help the snake-bitten unit.

He might be one of the more boring players in the NHL, thus the parody Twitter account that pokes fun at him. But he brings a new dynamic to the Golden Knights, specifically on special teams. With Vegas looking for forwards to replace their outgoing unit, they might get him at a smaller deal.

The verdict

Sean Monahan sounds like an enticing talent to bring in, from a veteran perspective. He's a seasoned scorer who finds the most unattractive spots on the ice and can score. Plus, his valuable experience on special teams can give the Vegas Golden Knights a significant boost. The cherry on top is the Brampton native can be had for cheap. That's especially helpful if specific players aren't returning to the Golden Knights next season.

But there are some problems with bringing on the former Calgary Flame. For one, he's not on the ice often, facing numerous injuries that keep him off the ice. 2022-23 is a perfect example of this, where he only played 25 games with the Montreal Canadiens. Consistency is also an issue, with Monahan going on cold streaks in a month. If he's not scoring, he's not doing anything. Still, it's worth looking into Monahan and seeing if he brings value to the lower lines. His scoring prowess would bring depth to a forward line needing a refill.