Top 3 wingers the Vegas Golden Knights must draft

It's no secret the Vegas Golden Knights need offensive help in the NHL Draft. Here are three great options on the wing that can help them.
Kingston Frontenacs v Windsor Spitfires
Kingston Frontenacs v Windsor Spitfires / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages
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The NHL Draft is less than a week away, giving teams a chance to draft the best upcoming players. It also provides a road map to future success, with franchises banking on their young studs to carry them. The needs vary team by team, with some needing solid blue-liners to make life easier for their goaltenders. Some will need forwards to bolster their scoring and checking, making them a tougher matchup. Could players like Liam Greentree or Trevor Connelly be the answer?

The Vegas Golden Knights are one of those teams that need the latter, with an exodus of five forwards leaving via free agency on July 1st. Suddenly, they have some questions with the position, including Jack Eichel's looming extension with the team (he'll have two years left on his deal next season). It's tough being in a compromised spot at a particular position. That's especially true when it's in the middle of a Stanley Cup contention window.

That's why the Golden Knights need to nail this draft. They've traded away a majority of their picks and only have one high draft pick this year. Drafting a bust means that the window gets closer to slamming shut, hindering the team's progress. That's something fans and Las Vegas citizens don't want to see.

Therefore, it's time to look at the best winger choices for Vegas in this year's NHL Draft. These players carry numerous benefits to the team, making them attractive draft picks on the first night. With the NHL Draft being held at the Sphere, let's see who the best wing prospects are for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Igor Chernyshov, LW/Dynamo Moskva

There are plenty of reasons why Igor Chernyshov would be a perfect fit in Vegas. Bruce Cassidy values players who fight for every puck and win battles. That's what you're getting with the Russian forward, for he's tenacious on every play. Such scrappiness helps teams create turnovers and dictate the pace of play.

For Chernyshov, he's the perfect NHL Draft prospect because he embodies these traits. He uses power in every aspect of his game, whether it's fighting for the puck or skating. The forward also has fantastic stickhandling, giving opposing defenders nightmares. They don't want to encounter a deke from this player, especially when he's crashing toward the net.

There's also his KHL experience that makes him a viable pick for the Vegas Golden Knights. Playing against professional talent puts him ahead of other draft prospects, for he'll be more seasoned and mature. While that could also backfire because of that same KHL experience, it could pay off for Vegas in the long run.

As for his power, it's because of his big frame, where he stands at 6'2" and weighs 196 lbs. That build lets him create havoc on the ice, making him a threat away from the puck. Add great stickhandling skills and the Russian player can become problematic for any team facing him.