Looking at NHL Draft prospect Igor Chernyshov

Finally! A big guy who can help the Vegas Golden Knights in the future in this year's NHL Draft. What makes Igor Chernyshov unique?
Igor Chernyshov (25), a hockey player during the contests at...
Igor Chernyshov (25), a hockey player during the contests at... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Finally! A young Russian prospect who can help the Vegas Golden Knights in the future. No, that player isn't Ivan Barbashev, for he's not even entering the NHL Draft. He's a full-blown player who... blows through the competition with his physicality and offensive prowess. No, the person in question today is Igor Chernyshov, a Russian player entering this year's draft at the Sphere.

When hockey fans think of former Russian greats in the NHL, they think of Pavel Datsyuk (and his Datsyukian dekes), Sergei Federov, and Alex Ovechkin. Such players set the standard for a style of play in the league: Scoring goals while zipping around the ice with speed or pure power. These are the torch-bearers who created the precedent for the hockey stars of tomorrow, with their impeccable skills second to none.

That includes Chernyshov, who can become an incredible player in the NHL. His remarkable skill set can help a team like the Golden Knights, who are looking to reload their prospect pool. What's more promising is how he played in the Kontinental Hockey League with grown men. It's safe to say the forward is ready for the NHL with his experience and power.

Of course, there are many reasons for Vegas to draft the Russian forward aside from his experience in a good hockey league. After all, he must have some power or speed he can contribute to a team. Nobody gets into the NHL by sheer luck or circumstances, which is why it's time to examine this intriguing prospect. What does Chernyshov bring to the table for a team like the Vegas Golden Knights?

Igor Chernyshov's profile

As mentioned, Igor Chernyshov spent some time in Russia's big leagues, playing in the Kontinental Hockey League. He played three seasons for Dynamo Moskva, scoring four goals and an assist in 39 games. While he didn't produce much during his tenure, his experience playing with NHL-ready players proves valuable to an organization like the Vegas Golden Knights.

What makes the forward an impressive prospect is his time in the Minor Hockey League, where he has 38 goals and 39 assists in 78 games (three seasons). Here, he nearly averages a point a game (0.99) and has raised eyebrows while playing for MHK Dynamo Moskva. He also worked well with the underage competition, with his most recent season being 2021-22 at the U18 level (four goals and three assists in three games).

Chernyshov stands at 6'2", weighing 196 lbs. He's a sizable player who can crash towards the net with ease, creating prime scoring opportunities. The 18-year-old also has a right-handed shot and plays the left wing position. His youth team was Dizel Penza, a team in Russia's second level of play, the All-Russian Hockey League (VHL).