The Memorial Cup is the next step for Matyas Sapovaliv

Matyas Sapovaliv will be a crucial piece for the Vegas Golden Knights's future plans. The Memorial Cup is a chance to prove his worth.
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What Matyas Sapovaliv must improve

While he has the tools to be a solid playmaker, he must also skate better. Not being quick and explosive comes with being a big body. However, adding some extra power to his skating will help him become a future piece of the team. It will also help him round out his offensive abilities, preparing him for the NHL.

Ivan Barbashev is a perfect example of who he can learn from, with a big physical body and fantastic breakout ability. The Russian forward can go on the breakaway and score, posing as an offensive threat. Matyas Sapovaliv can become a hybrid of Barbashev and Tomas Hertl, using his size to the fullest extent.

While his weaknesses are problematic, there are still positive aspects to the Czech forward's game. All these attributes will help him fit in perfectly with the Golden Knights, making him a well-rounded player. Bruce Cassidy relies on his team to be solid on both ends of the ice. If the young prospect can continue to fine-tune his scoring touch and develop his confidence, he'll fit in without any issues.