So Tomas Hertl is close to returning

The Vegas Golden Knights are expected to get a HUGE addition in Tomas Hertl. Here's why he'll ease the pain of the upcoming schedule and where he excels.

New York Rangers v San Jose Sharks
New York Rangers v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Gather the wife and kids and tell 'em the good news! Tomas Hertl is skating in a regular jersey for the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Czech superstar was acquired by the Golden Knights during the trade deadline from the San Jose Sharks. The goal? Get even more scoring and bolster the power play. Now the Golden Knights have an all-star lineup, with depth at every scoring line.

It's a literal fever dream for Golden Knight fans everywhere. If being the defending Stanley Cup champions wasn't enough, now Hertl is coming to the starting lineup for the team, possibly playing on Friday. How exciting is that?

Where does Tomas Hertl fit?

That's a good question, dear reader. It's expected that Tomas Hertl will be a top-six forward, getting some exposure with Jack Eichel and Jonathan Marchessault. The former San Jose Shark has everything Bruce Cassidy would want in a hockey player, after all. Size, strength, plays a two-way game... It's all a perfect recipe for a hockey player in the eyes of the Vegas Golden Knights head coach.

That's not all, though. Hertl has nine power play points this season, an area sorely needed by the Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights's endless array of stray passes and opposing short-handed opportunities have been something that needed fixing. With the Czech star's good hockey instinct and special teams acumen, the Golden Knights should improve in this area.

Tomas Hertl is returning at the right time

The Vegas Golden Knights just got off a crucial season-defining road trip, taking seven out of eight points. However, they're faced with another excruciating slate of games. The defending champions face Vancouver (twice), Colorado, and Edmonton before closing the season. Sounds scary, right?

That's where Tomas Hertl comes in. The center adds more scoring to the mix, making the Golden Knights more devastating scoring-wise. As mentioned before, his special teams presence is much-needed, boosting a maligned unit in the man advantage.

In recent years, NHL fans saw the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning dominate hockey. The Golden Knights have a chance to become the NHL's newest powerhouse. With Hertl in the mix, Vegas can defend their Stanley Cup and take on the NHL's big boys.