The 3 best non first-round NHL Draft steals on the Golden Knights

While the Vegas Golden Knights aren't known for developing their own first-round draft picks, they do have some late-round steals. Here are the three best.
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Pavel Dorofeyev: 2019 third-round pick (79th overall pick)

Pavel Dorofeyev is a unique talent in that he had the opportunity to stay in his native Russia and play in the KHL. Although he only scored five goals at the highest league in Russia, he was a promising prospect with incredible dangles and dekes. The Vegas Golden Knights are thankful he stuck around after picking him in the third round of the 2019 NHL Draft.

Originally, the forward was slim, weighing 167 lbs. There were also problems with his skating, where he had average speed. However, Dorofeyev has added strength to his game, putting on 27 lbs. He's also improved his stride, making him a more formidable offensive threat.

Overall, Pavel Dorofeyev is becoming a productive player for the Vegas Golden Knights. Aside from his 13 goals, he scored two more than his expected goals in 2023-24. He must produce more in high-danger situations (3.5 high-danger xgoals). However, the Russian forward has developed into a solid talent for Vegas. He should return to the team this offseason and get a better role.