The Uprising of Pavel Dorofeyev

Pavel Dorofeyev is playing his best hockey down the stretch. How will he factor into the Vegas Golden Knights's future plans?
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Rangers
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Pavel Dorofeyev has been playing excellent hockey for the Vegas Golden Knights recently. How excellent? He's scored four goals in his last six games played for the Golden Knights, keeping them ahead in the playoff race. It's enough to make the Wyld Stallyns bow down to the Russian forward's greatness.

Such incredible play, aided by Jonathan Marchessault's unstoppable run, has the Golden Knights turning the corner. It couldn't have come at a better time, too: teams like the Minnesota Wild aren't going away any time soon. If there was a time when key players needed to step up, it's now.

Enter Pavel Dorofeyev. His uprising has helped the cause at forward, making the Vegas Golden Knights tougher to defend. Here's how the 23-year-old is playing at his best and how he's growing in the Golden Knights lineup.

Pavel Dorofeyev's a Pure Offensive Talent

Pavel Dorofeyev has offensive abilities not seen around the NHL. He's a goal scorer with a quick release, making him a threat to score any time. That, combined with his speed and puck handling, makes the Russian forward tough to defend, leaving the opposition behind.

Dorofeyev also protects the puck well. Given his lanky frame, this is an incredible talent for the Russian forward. His shot also comes hard, making it impossible for opposing goalies to defend.

To put matters into perspective, Jonathan Marchessault has 20 goals in his last 22 games. The 33-year-old winger, along with Dorofeyev's contributions, suddenly made the Vegas Golden Knights into an offensive force.

But back to Dorofeyev, who's growing into an offensive threat for the Golden Knights. The 23-year-old has nine goals and seven assists in 31 games this season. Currently, he's averaging 13:21 for ice time in 2023-2024. However, his skill and talent will bump that number up in the future, when his role with the Golden Knights grows.

Pavel Dorofeyev's Future With the Vegas Golden Knights

As it stands, there are a growing number of people wanting Jonathan Marchessault to be re-signed. However, there's a solid case for Pavel Dorofeyev to return as well, given he's currently on a one-year, $825,000 contract. Next year, the forward will be a restricted free agent.

The NHL salary cap is expected to grow by $4.2 million next season, which makes room for a Dorofeyev reunion with the Vegas Golden Knights. Therefore, retaining the Russian star's services is entirely possible.

As for his future with Vegas, Dorofeyev has the potential to be a top-six forward. He's a pure offensive talent who makes plays with ease. If he improves his defensive game and becomes a better two-way player, Dorofeyev will become a Golden Knights staple. Now that would be excellent.