Sunday thoughts about... the heat

It's hot enough to melt anything that moves now in Las Vegas. But the Vegas Golden Knights know a thing or two about being on fire.
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Heading back from work in Las Vegas can be incredibly taxing. Imagine sitting in your car during rush hour traffic... at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Beads of sweat are dripping from your forehead, leaving you to expire from the sun's wrath. Melting away in your vehicle is never fun, especially when waiting 30 minutes to get home.

Don't worry, Sin City residents, because the hockey season is a few months away. That means cooler weather and better times, where citizens aren't folding from the desert heat. The Vegas Golden Knights will be back in action come October 9 at T-Mobile Arena, where the Colorado Avalanche arrive for the season opener.

On that note, it's worth seeing how the team has handled the beginning of the season. With big names like Jack Eichel on board, the team has the weapons to make another fast start happen. That's especially true with new pieces ready to play a full season with the team. That includes Noah Hanifin and Tomas Hertl, acquired to capitalize on Vegas's current Stanley Cup window.

So let's dive into how they've handled the start of their seasons in recent memory. How have the Vegas Golden Knights done in the past two seasons in the first 10+ games? What has stood out most with the team regarding their starts?

The Vegas Golden Knights have been on fire to start the last two seasons

The Golden Knights have been as hot as a Las Vegas summer to start the past two seasons. That begins with the 2022-23 campaign, which eventually saw them raise the Stanley Cup. During that season, they went 13-2 in their first 15 games, putting them atop the Pacific Division.

Then, there was last season, when the Golden Knights went 11-0-1 in their first 12 games. That included a stretch where they won their first six games, the best start in NHL history. Sadly, Vegas fell short of repeating as champions, for they were eliminated by the Dallas Stars in the first round.

Still, getting off to an incredible start has been paramount to Vegas making the playoffs. It sets the tone for the season and provides a nice cushion when times get rough. That's especially true when injuries pile up, leaving the Golden Knights to seek additional help. With a team featuring big names like Jack Eichel and Noah Hanifin, they can set themselves up for success again.

Times might be trying for Las Vegas residents right now. The heat is doing citizens no favors, especially driving back from work. However, the Golden Knights can put on another blazing start to their latest campaign, providing excitement for hockey fans in the desert.