Predicting when the 2024-25 NHL schedule will be released

For traveling hockey fans, the release of the NHL schedule is a treasured event. When might Vegas Golden Knights fans expect it to drop?
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights
Montreal Canadiens v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Vegas Golden Knights fans have developed a reputation for traveling well. Every city isn't safe from their presence, whether it's to the east or northwest. Games in other cities always make for a fun travel experience, too. After all, it's about escaping from life's daily trials and tribulations. So it's easy to see why Golden Knights fans love to go to other cities to cheer on their beloved team.

Going to a hockey game will be slightly different with a "new" team in the NHL. Of course, that would be the Utah Hockey Club, which has been re-branded from their desert days. Losing their "Coyotes" identity, the new club offers a new trip for Vegas hockey fans to go on. Driving six hours to Salt Lake City is only two hours different from heading to Tempe, though. Even with that difference, it won't deter Golden Knights fans from heading to the Beehive State. Not even snow can stop them from going (thank you, Lake Tahoe and Mount Charleston for the experience).

Know that next season might be slightly different from this season. New faces will appear with the team while others will leave the organization. It's a part of the NHL cycle that's both exciting and saddening. Grieving will only be temporary, though, thanks to the released NHL schedule. How will we know when the schedule will drop for Vegas Golden Knights fans? That's the million-dollar question. So get your pens out and circle some dates, because it's time to predict when the schedule will drop.

Predicting the NHL schedule drop

Generally, the NHL schedule will drop in July or late June. The 2024-25 season is already starting with two games: The New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres will play a pair of games in Prague, Czech Republic. It's a part of the NHL's 2024 Global Series, where the league goes international. As for the prediction, June 27 sounds like an ideal date. It fits into the month perfectly, giving the NHL some more exposure before the draft.

Last season, the schedule was released in June, with the Vegas Golden Knights scheduled to face the Seattle Kraken on October 10, 2023. Vegas won that game, 4-1, thanks to a strong game by Adin Hill. The goaltender stopped 32 shots, which kickstarted an 11-0-1 start.

Who will Vegas face in the opening game? Will it be the newly minted Utah Hockey Club? Or will it be the Seattle Kraken again? Whatever the case, it'll be another wave of road trips for the NHL's most prominent teams. Let's start planning the hotel stays and prep up that Golden Knights gear, Las Vegas. Next season should be fun.