3 trips for Golden Knights fans to make next season

It's never too early to start planning for next season. Here are three cities that Vegas Golden Knights fans should visit next season.
Utah Hosts NHL Welcome Party
Utah Hosts NHL Welcome Party / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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It's never too early to dream about traveling for next season. Even with the Vegas Golden Knights eliminated from Stanley Cup contention, it's always fun to imagine where to go next. Whether it's the sunny city of Anaheim or heading north of the border, the choices are limitless. Get ready once the hockey schedule drops during the summer because it's the start of a beautiful adventure!

After all, nothing beats packing up the car and traveling across the continent to see different places. Perhaps you want to check out Whistler before a Vancouver Canucks game? Or maybe it's better to stroll down Times Square before checking out the New York Rangers? Maybe a trip down Venice Beach before watching the Los Angeles Kings play is more to your taste? Whatever the case is, it's always fun to venture out of the desert and into another city.

That's especially true with my recent trip to Anaheim. It was a fun trip to get away from life's regular stresses. Meeting new people, seeing the scenic California mountains, and going to the top-notch Honda Center were everything and more. The hockey game was the delicious cherry on top, going undercover to witness the Ducks take the Tampa Bay Lightning to overtime.

With this season heading into the rearview mirror, it's time to prospect some potential new travel spots. There's a new travel spot unlocked that will warrant a future trip, too. What are these destinations that Vegas Golden Knights fans should check out? What else is there with these hockey cities that Golden Knights fans should see to maximize their experience? Here are three must-see destinations for next season for Vegas hockey fans.

Salt Lake City, a new go-to spot for Vegas Golden Knights fans

With the Arizona Coyotes packing up shop and heading north, the NHL will (technically) have a new hockey franchise in Salt Lake City. Utah offers Vegas Golden Knights fans the opportunity to plan a night in the Beehive State. Checking out the various mountains and canyons to Salt Lake City will also provide a better alternative to traveling to California.

Why is that the case? For one, traffic is easier. The Golden State is notorious for having the worst traffic, both in the Bay Area and Southern California. With Utah much less populated, it's easier for Golden Knights fans to drive. Nevada's eastern neighbors are also less expensive, with the average price of regular gas being $3.562 (only $0.003 more than the national average). Compare that to $5.076 in California, well above the national average.

Plus, there are other attractions for hockey fans to check out. For one, Zion National Park has a sterling reputation for being a great attraction, with Bryce Canyon also serving as a good alternative. Numerous state parks are good and cheap attractions, including Snow Canyon State Park. Be sure to mark the hockey calendars for games against the NHL's "newest" team, for it should be a memorable trip.