Looking at NHL Draft prospect Stian Solberg

The Vegas Golden Knights have a surplus of defensemen right now. So why should they explore taking Stian Solberg in the NHL Draft?
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The verdict

Stian Solberg's physical style is extremely tempting for an NHL team. He lives off delivering crushing hits on the ice at every juncture, which would bolster various aspects of the Vegas Golden Knights. Add in a penchant for killing penalties and he's an underrated NHL Draft prospect. Imagine Solberg and William Karlsson on the penalty kill, stopping any offense from happening. That would be an incredible special teams duo.

If the draft shakes out just right, he could be a viable pick for Vegas. Their defensive style focuses on the forecheck, taking the puck away from opposing offenses. The team's average age is 30.1, which means they're not getting younger. Therefore, there's more incentive to add the hard-hitting defender. However, there might be a major factor stopping him from going to the Golden Knights.

The priority will be at the forward position, with numerous key pieces leaving this summer. There are also other pieces leaving next season, with Brett Howden and Keegan Kolesar in that realm. Kelly McCrimmon will focus on adding more depth to the position, which could take precedence over drafting a defenseman. Although there's a smaller chance of Vegas taking a defenseman in the first round, his hard-hitting style might be too tempting to pass up.