Looking at William Karlsson's profile

William Karlsson brings a lot to the table for the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why the "Golden Misfit's" role goes beyond scoring goals.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

When Vegas Golden Knights fans think of their favorite "Golden Misfit," names like Jonathan Marchessault and Marc-Andre Fleury come up. They contributed greatly to the franchise, making them an NHL powerhouse. They've also given Las Vegas a hockey fever, creating countless memories. However, one particular "Misfit" has also become a beloved figure within the community: William Karlsson.

The Swedish star scored 30 goals and 30 assists this season, making him a valuable offensive piece for Vegas. Overall, he's proven to be a reliable scorer, threatening to score in any situation. He's also provided fans with hilarious moments, such as when he gave his speech at last year's victory parade shirtless. Then, memories like this add to the center's legend.

It's no wonder Karlsson has become an essential part of the Golden Knights community. He brings funny moments to the masses and is a productive player on the ice. However, the center is good for more than just a simple laugh. He has other skills that make him more dynamic.

What are these skills that William Karlsson possesses for the Vegas Golden Knights? What makes the "Golden Misfit" a special fit on the team? It's not easy to do it all on a hockey team. Yet, Karlsson makes it look effortless, putting it all out on the ice every night. Here's why he is a unique player, aside from his penchant for scoring goals.

William Karlsson boosts the Vegas Golden Knights's special teams

William Karlsson's offensive game goes beyond being a reliable even-strength scorer. He's also great on the power play when healthy. This season, he scored seven goals and eight assists on the man advantage. But he isn't just good on the power play, though. He also serves a major purpose on the penalty kill.

Karlsson knows how to operate on the penalty kill, putting significant time on the unit. The Swedish star has improved on faceoffs, increasing his win percentage from 38.7% in 2017-18 to 47.1% this season. He's even added a short-handed goal to his collection this season, adding an assist. Last season, he scored two short-handed goals and three short-handed assists, showing a knack for scoring in any situation.

Without Karlsson, the Golden Knights are much more vulnerable on the penalty kill. There have been some trade rumors surrounding the center, which happens when the salary cap is airtight. However, he's an untouchable piece on Vegas for many reasons (starting with his no-trade list). Losing him would devastate the franchise on special teams, taking away its bite.

William Karlsson is one of the more intelligent "Golden Misfits"

Part of his special teams acumen comes from being a knowledgeable player. Of course, it starts with having an incredible hockey instinct. William Karlsson has established himself as a great situational piece, reading plays and avoiding incoming defenders easily. Overall, he can play all three zones well, making him valuable.

But it goes beyond reading incoming plays. Part of his offensive talent comes from knowing where his teammates are at all times, setting up the next scoring opportunity. It helps that he can move the puck easily, which makes him essential for the Vegas Golden Knights attack.

People often forget how important Karlsson is on the team. The "Golden Misfit" carries hockey intelligence and situational awareness sought after by scouts. A perfect example of this was the deciding game against the Dallas Stars, where he did everything to get Vegas a win. That included solid entries and getting involved in every play. Although they fell short, imagine how much worse it would've been if the Swedish forward wasn't there.