Looking at NHL Draft prospect Andrew Basha

Don't "Bash-a" the idea of drafting Andrew Basha, Vegas Golden Knights fans. Here's why the forward can be a good fit for the team.
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2 / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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The verdict

Andrew Basha is a quality offensive talent that can help any NHL team on the attack. His speed and hockey IQ alone make him a scoring threat, which is good news for teams like the Vegas Golden Knights.

However, there are questions about his consistency and engagement during the play. Not having a sense of urgency on every play has doomed the Golden Knights in the past. Adding another player like Basha to the mix can cause further troubles for the team.

While he sounds like a nice late first-round draft pick in the NHL Draft, there are other options for Vegas to choose from. These players can add a consistent presence to their game, playing with more urgency and passion. Therefore, the 18-year-old should be looked at as a backup plan if McCrimmon's preferred player isn't there.

But that isn't to say he isn't a great player. He can be an incredible offensive playmaker who moves quickly. His speed alone can attract a team like the Golden Knights. However, the Calgary native might not be the right fit for Vegas long-term. Unless he can play with more physicality and consistency, there won't be much possibility of succeeding in Las Vegas.