Looking at draft prospect Jett Luchanko

With the NHL Draft coming up on June 28, the Vegas Golden Knights are searching for talent for their pipeline. Could Jett Luchanko be a good fit?
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The verdict

Prospects like Sacha Bosivert look like better fits based on their size and strength alone. They can add more to the Vegas Golden Knights and can become better long-term fits for the team. Therefore, there's a good chance Vegas could lean that way if players like Boisvert and Michael Hage are still on the board.

Still, Vegas's overall problem is prospect depth, where their pipeline is dried up. If they miss out on their targets and Jett Luchanko's still there, why not take a flier on him? His on-ice intelligence and poise make him worth a shot. The team needs as much young talent as they can get to make the landing smoother.

Overall, Luchanko looks like he might be a second-round pick that could be a steal. He has first-line potential and is a viable playmaker for anyone who takes him on. But is there a scenario where he falls to the Golden Knights either in the first round or the second? That's the big question that Vegas might face on June 28 and 29.