How much does the Stanley Cup weigh?

The big mystery surrounding the Stanley Cup has been its weight. How much does it weigh?
Vegas Golden Knights Celebrate Their Stanley Cup Win At Circa Resort & Casino
Vegas Golden Knights Celebrate Their Stanley Cup Win At Circa Resort & Casino / Denise Truscello/GettyImages

The Stanley Cup is one of the most coveted prizes in all sports. With its prestigious history and notable legends on the trophy, many people have stood in awe of the beauty made of silver and nickel alloy. Names such as Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, and Martin Brodeur have graced the body's exterior, with many more to come.

However, there's a noteworthy question that wanders through every person's mind. Only hardcore hockey fans know the answer to this, for their obsession, leads them to learn more about the treasured prize. No, it's not about how much beer has been chugged or who's eaten french fries out of the legendary trophy (although these does sound like a great time).

It's more of how much the Stanley Cup weighs. It's a question that doesn't cross the minds of many people, mainly because they're focused on holding the prized possession. Little do they know that the silver and nickel alloys add some extra oomph to the trophy, making it a hefty piece of hardware. Not many Vegas Golden Knights fans were asking this question, after all. So... what is the weight of the cup?

The weight of the Stanley Cup

Are you ready for the weight of the Stanley Cup? It's 34.5 lbs and stands at a height of 35.25 inches. That's good enough for a bicep curls workout or a shoulder workout. Whatever the case, the trophy can be a bit heavy to lift for the average person.

Let's put the trophy's weight into perspective and take Pavel Dorofeyev and Nicolas Roy as good examples. The Russian forward weighs about 4.72 Stanley Cups, making him quite a bit heavier than usual. However, Roy weighs about 5.86 (rounded up, of course) Stanley Cups, making him even tougher to lift. Can you imagine an average person trying to hoist one Nic Roy over their heads like they were the champions? It'd be a painful experience.

Still, it's a fun question to ask your fellow hockey fans when everyone's having fun at a party. Ask them if they can hoist the Stanley Cup over their heads and see how they'd do. It should make for a great time for everyone involved, with everyone reminiscing about that moment with the Cup.