Golden Knights traveling in... Anaheim

Traveling for hockey games is always a fun time. Here's why Vegas Golden Knights fans should make the journey to Orange County for an NHL game.
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What will the Gameday Experience be like for Vegas Golden Knights fans?

Full disclosure: I went to the March 24 game, where the Anaheim Ducks played the Tampa Bay Lightning. Not many NHL fans like the Vegas Golden Knights for various reasons, including cheating accusations and being "gifted" a team. Therefore, it was time to whip out the Gordon Bombay jersey and head out! Still, it was fun being a neutral party and seeing the home team try and vanquish Steven Stamkos and company.

Along the way, there was a passionate little Ducks fan taking in his first hockey game. His name was Ashen and his parents were long-time residents of Orange County. He had an excellent time watching his team take the Lightning to overtime. Ashen was there for the fun and to watch the Ducks win (hopefully). Although Tampa Bay won the game, 3-2, it was still a fun night out with incredible seats for a reasonable price. Ashen was also the hit of the crowd.

Overall, Honda Center deserves a 9.7 out of 10 for being one of the most hospitable arenas ever. Parking was easy to access and next to the arena for a good price, the gameday experience was fun, and the environment was friendly. There's definitely going to be another hockey game at the Honda Center in the near future.

Vegas Golden Knights fans will have the same experience once the NHL season rolls around. Anaheim is an underrated city, with numerous things to do within its confines. If you're a Golden Knights fan, look at going to Orange County for a hockey game in 2024-25.