Breaking down why the Golden Knights must draft Liam Greentree

Liam Greentree has the potential to positively impact any NHL team. Here's why the Vegas Golden Knights should draft the young star if he's available.
Guelph Storm v Windsor Spitfires
Guelph Storm v Windsor Spitfires / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages

The Vegas Golden Knights aren't known for holding onto their first-round draft picks. The team has a defined Stanley Cup contention window, which means getting the best players now and asking questions later. It doesn't matter if it's Tomas Hertl or Max Pacioretty, for the only thing that matters is bringing another title to Las Vegas. That's bad news for Liam Greentree, who's projected to fall within the vicinity of the team in the NHL Draft, according to some mock drafts.

The Windsor Spitfires star has the tools to thrive within the Golden Knights system. He scored 61 goals and 74 assists in two seasons with the OHL team (125 games played), making him a valuable scoring option. He's also dominated the OHL Cup in 2021-22 (U16 AAA), scoring three goals and four assists in six games.

There's no doubt the young right winger can make any NHL team better. With his proven pedigree in the OHL, he can make an impressive impact on anyone who drafts him. That should include the Vegas Golden Knights, who have many options with the 19th overall pick. Why should Vegas take a flyer on the promising player and hold onto him for their future (if he's available)?

Liam Greentree is a big player

Liam Greentree stands at 6'2" and weighs 198 lbs. Being a sizable winger is ideal for teams like Vegas, for they can do more than score goals. They can also transition the puck regularly and protect it, which the Windsor Spitfires forward does best. Size does many things for teams, creating more roles and adding versatility. For the 18-year-old, he can fit seamlessly within the Golden Knights.

That size also helps him offensively, making it tough to strip the puck from him. He can work individually and is a challenge for 1-on-1 matchups. Such traits make him tough to handle based on his size, but it's his puck-handling skills that make him challenging. Greentree is creative with the puck, slipping by defenders with ease. Watch how he maneuvers past numerous defenders in this highlight reel.

Overall, he'll have no trouble adapting to the Vegas Golden Knights system. He can use his size for various purposes, making him a multi-faceted threat. Although he must become more competitive and less relaxed on the ice, the winger can fix that without any problem, becoming a wrecking ball for anybody who picks him up in the NHL Draft.

The Vegas Golden Knights can use his hockey intelligence

Hockey players seeing a play happen before it unfolds is an incredible talent. It helps set up plays and catches opposing blue lines off-guard, creating more viable scoring opportunities. Teams like the Vegas Golden Knights could use this talent, specifically with turnovers. Luckily, Liam Greentree offers that skill.

The Windsor Spitfires star is a problem-solver on the ice, looking for solutions to further the play. He looks at every aspect, including different obstacles and scenarios, calculating which one has the best outcome. Greentree operates like a machine, functioning to find the best solution for his team.

Highly intelligent players are valued throughout the NHL, especially if they can see the ice and everything happening. Players like Nicklas Lidstrom made a living off this, utilizing their positions to the fullest. For Liam Greentree, he can become an NHL Draft steal for the Golden Knights with his hockey IQ alone.