Breaking down what Cole Beaudoin would bring to the Vegas Golden Knights

Some players are meant to be part of the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why that could make sense for Cole Beaudoin in the NHL Draft.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game / Dale Preston/GettyImages
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Some players were meant to be a part of the Vegas Golden Knights. They carry a specific style to their game, getting to work during every shift. That means putting your body on the line at every juncture and taking away shooting lanes. The opponents can't generate anything offensively, leading to many turnovers.

In the upcoming NHL Draft starting on June 28, there's a certain prospect who embodies these values, doing whatever it takes to help his team win. His name? Cole Beaudoin, a gritty forward who lays everything out on the ice every night. Such qualities are respected by Bruce Cassidy, especially when it comes to going all-out on the forecheck.

Beaudoin has a good hockey background, starting with his time with the Barrie Colts. The Canadian center scored 28 goals and 34 assists in 67 games this season for the OHL team. Along the way, he earned the distinction of assistant captain, showing an impeccable knack for leadership.

He's also done incredible work in 2021-22 with the Nepean Raiders in the HEO U18 league, scoring 24 goals and 53 assists in 32 games. In a prior stint, he performed well for Ottawa Myers Automotive in 2019-20. Here, the Canadian forward scored 13 goals and 27 assists in 30 games.

He showcased his ability to score in any environment, making him an appealing NHL Draft prospect. But there's more to the budding superstar than his stats. Cole Beaudoin was recently named to the 2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospect Game for his impressive offensive acumen.

He might look like a reach at the 19th overall pick. Other players could fit in as well as the Canadian forward. But there's more to the Barrie Colts star than just scoring goals. What other attributes make Beaudoin an attractive draft candidate? Why should teams like the Vegas Golden Knights take a flyer on the young forward?

Cole Beaudoin is great physically

There's something to be said about players who are big hockey players. They can be used in many ways, giving NHL teams flexibility in their game plans. Luckily for Cole Beaudoin, he has such physical attributes, standing at 6'2" and weighing 209 lbs. Watch how he leverages his size to control the puck and create scoring opportunities.

Being a physical specimen will draw plenty of attention in the NHL Draft. That's especially true when the player displays good puck-handling and can leverage his bulk against defenders. Defenders can't pry the puck away when he has his back turned. Mixing bulk with great puck control is a good mix for the Canadian forward, turning him into a wrecking ball.

Of course, that also translates well defensively. The native of Kanata, Ontario, has a strong two-way game, working both ends of the ice flawlessly. He uses his size to win puck battles by overpowering his opponents with raw strength. That's also used on the forecheck, where he can create turnovers.

Some teams like the Vegas Golden Knights emphasize being bigger. They believe in using the extra size to clog lanes and create turnovers, where Beaudoin's the perfect fit. He can use his offensive game to make plays and score goals while creating havoc in the defensive zone. Such abilities wouldn't be possible without being sizable, which fits the Barrie Colts star.