2024 NHL Draft: Date, time, TV schedule, livestream reddit

Need more information on the upcoming NHL Draft at the Sphere? Never fear, Vegas Golden Knights fans because it's all here.
The Sphere in Las Vegas
The Sphere in Las Vegas / Anadolu/GettyImages

Psst, you! Yes, you!

There was a rumor that you can't make the NHL Draft with your fellow Vegas Golden Knights fans on June 28 and 29. Here's a brief breakdown before getting into the viewing details.

It's happening at the Sphere in Las Vegas and will feature tomorrow's brightest stars. The NHL will be the first sports league to host an event at the venue, amplifying Gary Bettman's footprint in Vegas. The festivities begin at 4:00 PM PST and will be a two-day event featuring seven rounds of promising prospects getting selected by hockey's best.

Here, hockey fans are getting the goods. They're seeing players like Macklin Celebrini (possibly) have their names called up. Will they become the next Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin? Stay tuned because the event will provide fans with the following moments:

"I was there when the next big superstar was selected."

"I got to witness history made before my eyes."

But back to the draft. There was also word that you couldn't watch it from the comfort of your own house. No worries because there's a way to watch the action unfold. Here's the complete broadcast schedule along with where to watch the livestream.

The NHL Draft broadcast schedule

The NHL Draft will be broadcast on ESPN, with additional options on the NHL Network, Sportsnet, and TVA Sports. The variety should be fruitful for hockey fans, specifically in Las Vegas. Some fans like the coverage the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" provides. Some prefer more in-depth analysis instead of the wave of hot takes. Whatever the case, hockey fans have plenty of options on draft night.

Perhaps you prefer a livestream and need a fresher option? Never fear, Vegas Golden Knights fans. It's right here. Be sure to use the link on the night of the draft.

This is also a friendly reminder that the Golden Knights have the 19th overall pick and hold four picks altogether this year. The pickings might be slim for Vegas this season regarding draft capital. However, the team will have more in the upcoming years, giving them more prospects to refill their farm system.

There's no doubt the NHL Draft will be an exciting event for everyone involved. It offers the league a chance to continue its stranglehold on Las Vegas, with the latest event being another example. Vegas Golden Knights fans will have the chance to see which players will keep the team competitive, helping the franchise's future.