Breaking down the 2024-25 preseason schedule for the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights have released their preseason schedule for the upcoming 2024-25 season. Here's a breakdown of what it looks like.
Utah Hosts NHL Welcome Party
Utah Hosts NHL Welcome Party / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

NHL preseason schedules have dropped across the league, offering some regional traveling for passionate hockey fans. Whether you fancy a trip to the Bay Area or want to fly to Denver to get high... on the crisp mountain air, the schedule offers Vegas Golden Knights fans that luxury. For all 32 teams, these games mean that hockey is near.

Now, you're probably thinking...

"Why does this matter? These games are just tryouts for players looking to crack the NHL roster. They're worthless."

Here's the thing, dear reader. Traveling is the essence of life, for one gets to experience different cultures and aspects. It helps broaden their worldviews and opens their eyes to trying new things. Perhaps you've been itching to check out a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Or maybe you've wanted to sing "Chelsea Dagger" at the United Center.

Such experiences make being a hockey fan fun, especially when checking out different cities globally. Think about how amazing it'd be to go to an NHL Global Series game when the Vegas Golden Knights finally get their turn. It'd be amazing to check out the likes of Sweden or the Czech Republic. That's what the NHL preseason is all about: Prepping fans for an exciting season with travel, new experiences, and mainly, hockey.

The Vegas Golden Knights have four home games out of six this NHL preseason

Perhaps you're not too keen on traveling. Maybe it's the fear of flying. Perhaps it's the anxiety of being in the car for a minimum of six hours. No worries. The Vegas Golden Knights have four home games this preseason, including contests against the Los Angeles Kings (September 25) and Utah Hockey Club (September 27). Fans can get their hockey fix at T-Mobile Arena with the pregame festivities and in-game experience.

The two road games are against San Jose on September 22 at SAP Center and the Colorado Avalanche on October 1 at Ball Arena. The Sharks have been a familiar foe of Vegas during their franchise history, with both teams winning a playoff series against each other. As for the Avalanche, they've been a competitive team in recent years. In fact, they won the Stanley Cup in 2022, their third in franchise history.

The other two home games are against Colorado on October 3 and San Jose on October 5. Coincidentally, both teams Vegas plays on the road will be the last two home games. The schedule offers fans the opportunity to plan a nice fall trip to the West Coast or Rocky Mountains. Get ready to plan a night or two out, Golden Knights fans. Hockey season will be here before everyone knows it, with the preseason leading the way.



September 22, 2024

@San Jose Sharks (5 PM PST)

September 25, 2024

Los Angeles Kings (7 PM PST)

September 27, 2024

Utah Hockey Club (7 PM PST)

October 1, 2024

@Colorado Avalanche (7 PM MST)

October 3, 2024

Colorado Avalanche (7 PM PST)

October 5, 2024

San Jose Sharks (7 PM PST)