Another Maple Leafs forward linked to the Vegas Golden Knights?

Yet another Maple Leafs star is being linked to the Vegas Golden Knights for a potential trade. Who is this mysterious superstar?
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It seems something is rotten in the Maple Leafs organization. Yet another star has been linked to the Vegas Golden Knights in a potential trade. With the rumors swirling around Mitch Marner moving, the team might have a major shake-up on their hands. Could it be another 57 seasons before Toronto tastes the glory of the Stanley Cup?

As for the player in question, that would be Nick Robertson. The young forward is 22 years old and scored 14 goals last season, making him a lucrative piece for any contending team. Currently, he's a restricted free agent whose agent is... Pat Brisson.

That name should sound familiar to Golden Knights fans, for he's also the agent for prominent Vegas players, past and present. That includes Nic Roy and Jonathan Marchessault. He's also the father to prospect, Brendan Brisson, a former first-round pick who's close to cracking the lineup.

But let's go back to Robertson for a second. The 22-year-old is looking for a new home and could fit in Las Vegas. Making a move for a younger player isn't something new, either. The Golden Knights traded Paul Cotter and a draft pick for Alexander Holtz and Akira Schmid, getting younger in the process.

So what does Nick Robertson (not the baseball player) do well? How can he make the Vegas Golden Knights better on the ice? It seems Vegas is becoming the de facto location for Maple Leafs rumors. Therefore, let's explore how the forward can become a vital piece for the Golden Knights.

Nick Robertson's profile

The 22-year-old player is the brother of Dallas Stars forward, Jason Robertson. Therefore, it's safe to say he's got some hockey chops to his name. That's especially true with Toronto, where he was a key part of their offense. With a team featuring players like Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews, that's a great thing.

While he doesn't have much of an NHL pedigree to his name yet, he made his living during his amateur days. That's specifically with the Peterborough Petes, where he had his best season in 2019-20. Here, he scored 55 goals and 31 assists... in 46 games. That's an astounding mark for a budding star, especially at a young age. However, he's been stuck in neutral because of a deep Toronto lineup and a series of injuries.

With more playing time, he can become a regular contributor for the Vegas Golden Knights. He has some playoff experience, starting in 2019-20 during the COVID-19 period. He scored a goal in four games during his campaign, which might not sound like much for a player. However, it gave him NHL-ready experience that can translate well for the Golden Knights.