Why the Golden Knights must make this trade now

With Jonathan Marchessault gone and Steven Stamkos joining him in Nashville, the Golden Knights need a top-line player. Why must they acquire this elite player?
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Two
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Two / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages
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It's funny how things can suddenly change for a team. Less than 24 hours ago, there were people worried about Jonathan Marchessault leaving the Vegas Golden Knights. He was still around, only that he didn't have a deal yet. The deadline passes for Marchessault to get a contract extension and he goes to Nashville for five years and an AAV of $5.5 million. Now, he's got his cowboy boots on as he heads to Tennessee.

As a result, Golden Knights fans weren't having a good Monday (usually, they're not fun to begin with). One of the most cherished "Golden Misfits" was gone, with the Conn Smythe winner heading to the country capital of the world. So Kelly McCrimmon had a backup plan: Go after Steven Stamkos.

Sadly, that didn't work, either. Stamkos followed Marchessault to Nashville and signed a four-year deal with a $8 million AAV. Free agency was cruel to Vegas, for most big names were scooped up within a few hours. Suddenly, the team looks much worse and fans are panicking. What will they do to remedy the situation? Run to a corner and cry?

Luckily, there is one major player that still looms large for the Vegas Golden Knights. He's a superstar looking to be a long-term piece for a team, whether with the Toronto Maple Leafs or someone else. Of course, Mitch Marner is being talked about here. Vegas should monitor the situation closely and see what comes from it. If Marner accepts the offer given by Toronto, then move on. But if it's no bueno, then Kelly McCrimmon has a chance to redeem himself.

Previously, there was a piece about why the Golden Knights should pass on Marner. However, that beloved "Misfit" is heading to Nashville, leaving a top-line void. Therefore, it's time to look into the contrary and see why Vegas should pursue a trade for the Maple Leafs megastar.