3 reasons why the Golden Knights should stand pat

While fans are clamoring for Kelly McCrimmon and the Vegas Golden Knights to make a big move this offseason, there's a logical case for staying put.
Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights
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It's been an eventful free agency period for the Vegas Golden Knights. Six unrestricted free agents left town, including one who felt the team didn't do enough. Names won't be mentioned here. However, fans can pick up who's being referred to here. There were some minor signings such as Ivan Samsonov and Victor Olofsson coming to town.

But for some fans, that's not enough. They want Kelly McCrimmon to go after big names like Mitch Marner on the market. They're hoping to become competitive right out of the gate, which is understandable. You never know what will strike during the regular season. Many factors can change a team's season, whether it's injuries or issues with running snake farms.

Therefore, it would be wise to go all-in on the upcoming season. With the team looking to win another Stanley Cup, why not make a big splash and shock the NHL? That's what has some insiders and general managers wondering, for Vegas is well-known for pulling a surprising move or two.

Take this trade deadline as a perfect example. Nobody expected McCrimmon and the Golden Knights to bring Anthony Mantha, Noah Hanifin, and Tomas Hertl all in one fell swoop. Although they were eliminated in the first round, the team brought in a solid foundation for a second Stanley Cup (or more), minus Mantha.

However, there should be a good reason why the team should stand pat. Why not wait and see how things play out to start the season? While the other side was previously explored by looking at acquiring a big name like Mitch Marner, it's time to see why Kelly McCrimmon should avoid being too hasty.

The Vegas Golden Knights could have a better opportunity come along (like Leon Draisaitl)

Mitch Marner sounds like an enticing candidate for the Vegas Golden Knights. He flirts with 100 points regularly, making him an enticing candidate for any NHL team. However, there could be some problems with taking on his contract.

For one, he's not coming in to be a one-year rental. As mentioned in a previous post, the Maple Leafs star will be extended. However, Marner doesn't have the playoff pedigree of a player like, say, Leon Draisaitl. Draisaitl has recorded 81 playoff points, scoring 30 goals in the past three seasons. Marner? 25 points.

If Kelly McCrimmon and the Golden Knights are going to spend $13 million annually, why not get more bang for your buck and get a proven playoff performer? That's what Leon Draisaitl is, for he scores timely goals and is an elite offensive player no matter the time. The same can't be said for Marner, who fades in the postseason.

Of course, that also goes for players like Mikko Rantanen, who has 49 playoff points in the past three seasons. With the Avalanche winger hitting free agency next season, he can be a proven goal scorer that doesn't come at a hefty price tag like Marner.