3 more Golden Knights road trips for the 2024-25 season

There's no such thing as too many road trips. Here are three more for Vegas Golden Knights fans to consider.
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Remember when there was a post regarding three road trips for Vegas Golden Knights fans? It highlighted different places to explore, such as Salt Lake City and Calgary. After heading to the happiest place on earth last season, there are other notable dates to fit into the schedule. Therefore, it's time to save money, book a hotel, and hit the road.

With the NHL schedule released, it's time to put those plans into motion. The anticipation of traveling and seeing the Golden Knights play is already killing some people. After all, there's no such thing as too much hockey, especially in Las Vegas.

But you might ask the following question:

"Why go on another three road trips? Isn't three enough as it is?"

Never. The excitement of the new season is in full swing with the schedule's release. Imagine driving through the Mojave Desert to get to Los Angeles for a Golden Knights game. It would clear one's head after dealing with life's stresses. No more having to listen to the nagging boss (for now), for Vegas hockey offers an escape from reality.

That's why these three trips should also be on your calendars this upcoming season. They offer fans a chance to explore new worlds and try different things. In turn, these trips will change your perspective on life. So pack your bags and prepare your itinerary because it's time to travel to these three cities.

I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali (to Los Angeles, specifically)

So there's a tiny tradition that I have every Christmas. It involves packing up and going to California every year. Last year, it was the Bay Area, where I took in an NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. It's always a great trip that clears the mind where life slows down.

But there's one small problem. The Vegas Golden Knights don't play the Los Angeles Kings (October 30 and February 24) on the road around Christmas Day. It's the same thing with the Anaheim Ducks, where Vegas plays on November 13 and December 4 in Orange County.

Still, that February 24 date will be one to watch, simply because trips to Los Angeles are always fun. Ironically, I went to a game at Crypto.com Arena in 2022-23 around Christmas time (December 27, 2022). The Golden Knights lost, 4-2, and it was still a fun trip. This will be another fun Hollywood trip, especially in the cooler weather.