3 free agents the Vegas Golden Knights can steal from the Atlantic Division

With the free agency period coming up, the Vegas Golden Knights can replenish their team for next season.
Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Six
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Welcome to the end of the season, dear reader, where tons of speculation and predictions abound! It's a wonderful time when sports fans, especially hockey fans, wonder which players will sign with their team. It's also a time when fans are hoping fan favorites will stick around a bit longer, creating more memories with their team. The Vegas Golden Knights know that feeling right now, with numerous questions looming about next season.

Of course, there are the obvious questions that pop up during this offseason. That includes if Jonathan Marchessault will return to the Golden Knights next season. But other speculations are happening, including if there's room for a Michael Amadio return. The same goes for Chandler Stephenson, who's proven to be a valuable piece for the Golden Knights in recent years. These questions will burn through the fan's mind for months, with anticipation of any positive news coming.

It might sound a bit... cliched, but this offseason is one of the most important in Golden Knights history. With two key pieces possibly leaving the team, the franchise's dynamic is set to change next season. Plus, the lines will be completely reshuffled for next season, changing the team's dynamic offensively. Therefore, what happens this summer will determine the time frame for Vegas's current Stanley Cup window to stay open.

So let's look at which free agents the Vegas Golden Knights can pluck this offseason, starting with the Atlantic Division. It's a division featuring plenty of big names, particularly a forward with over 50 goals this season. Some critical questions will be asked about these players, including if the Golden Knights can afford them in free agency and if they'd fit within the system. Let's explore the three best free agent options in the Atlantic Division, excluding Steven Stamkos.

Tyler Bertuzzi, LW, Toronto Maple Leafs

Now, there's plenty of good reason to believe Tyler Bertuzzi would be an excellent fit with the Vegas Golden Knights. He's a solid depth piece who fits into Bruce Cassidy's system well. He scores plenty of goals (21 goals this season) and isn't afraid to get down and dirty. The forward is also improving, with his game picking up as he ages.

Bertuzzi isn't afraid to be physical, either. He had 98 hits this season (a career-high) and plays a 200-ft. game. With the current Maple Leaf growing his game, he's expected to take the next step and become a more complete player. For the long term, the Ontario native would be a solid grab in free agency.

However, some obstacles are stopping the Golden Knights from getting him. One, the Toronto Maple Leafs have expressed solid interest in re-signing Bertuzzi, which would take an option off the table. Plus, he should bring in a sizable contract, considering his skill set, offensive abilities, and age.

But that shouldn't deter the Golden Knights from taking a flier on the current Maple Leaf. Tyler Bertuzzi provides plenty of scoring for a team devoid of forward depth and would be a part of the long haul. If Marchessault does leave Las Vegas, expect the Golden Knights to consider looking at Bertuzzi as a younger, bigger replacement.