Reilly Smith Drawing Interest From the NY Rangers

Reilly Smith for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Reilly Smith for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights are coming off a overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings. In what was a must-win situation for the Knights, they found a way to blow a 2-0 lead. In doing so, it made me realize how much this team need’s to be complete.

Now, no matter what, this team is not going to be complete without Mark Stone in the lineup. Getting him back in the lineup should be the Golden Knights top priority. Well, getting Robin Lehner and Alec Martinez back in the lineup would be nice as well. In the meantime, let’s talk about how to get Mark Stone off the LTIR while staying cap compliant.

How can the Golden Knights get Stone off the LTIR while staying cap compliant? We’ll that the big question. However, the most common answer has been- Trade Reilly Smith. Additionally, it should be noted that there is one team heavily interested in the forward- the New York Rangers.

The New York Rangers have been tied to the Golden Knights forward for quite some time. Could we see Smith get moved at the trade deadline?

Over the course of the last couple seasons, there have been some rumors circulating that the Boston Bruins have interest in acquiring Golden Knights forward, William Carrier. Furthermore, the New York Rangers have been tied to Reilly Smith.

Trading William Carrier to the Bruins would be a move to just get rid of a little cap, but trading Smith would put the Vegas Golden Knights in a position to activate Mark Stone when he is ready to return.

First, If the Golden Knights were to trade Smith away, they would more than likely be looking to acquire a pick in return for the forward because if you take on another contract it defeats the purpose.

Now, similar to what I said in my article about William Carrier, it’s not like there aren’t options to replace Reilly Smith should the Golden Knights chose to move him. With players like Jake Leschyshyn, Jonas Rondbjerg, and Paul Cotter, and Pavel Dorofeyev just waiting for a official chance, this trade would give one of them a roster spot.

So, if the Golden Knights have the ability to clear Smith’s $5,000,000, they could give them the opportunity to get Stone involved prior to the post-season and knock off some of the rust. Which, quite frankly, I’d prefer.

The Golden Knights, when they chose to activate Mark Stone will likely be in the playoffs. If that is in fact the case, can we agree that he won’t have some rust to knock off? It’s playoff hockey, and it’s pretty important. Getting him game-reps with Pacioretty and Eichel would be very beneficial for all parties.

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Now, I know that would mean risking the chance at winning a Stanley cup, but in hopes of not having a Stanley cup that could be considered ‘tainted’, and getting Stone reps prior to the playoffs would be the best opportunity for the Knights.