Vegas Golden Knights Trade Simulator: Reilly Smith Edition

Reilly Smith for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Reilly Smith for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Vegas Golden Knights newly acquired star, Jack Eichel, is getting closer to his return each and every day. With him practicing with the Golden Knights for the last two days, it shows that he is in fact getting closer. For Knight fans, this might be the happiest they’ve been this season- until they realize what that actually means.

When it comes to Jack Eichel, there is a drawback to him finally getting back on the ice. When Eichel finally suits up for the Knights, it’ll be a sold out stadium for sure. So, I’m sure you’re curious on the drawback? or maybe not. We’ve written a ton of articles on the matter so I’m sure it’s not too big of a surprise;

No matter how happy we are to see Jack Eichel make his first in-game appearance for the Knights, it does mean letting multiple players go. One of the players that has been mentioned as the main player on the trade block is: Reilly Smith.

The Vegas Golden Knights are in a tough situation. When making a trade, you have to constantly remind yourself that this is a business, and things in this business aren’t always easy. In this case, it probably means letting the beloved right wing, Reilly Smith, go.

Reilly Smith has been a beloved player on the ‘misfit line’ since he became a original member of the Vegas Golden Knights. The misfit analogy is built upon the idea that players who didn’t exactly live up to expectations were able to make a name for themselves in their fresh start. Reilly Smith is included in that.