Golden Knights: Jonathan Marchessault proves to be a catalyst

Vegas Golden Knights, Jonathan Marchessault #81 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Vegas Golden Knights, Jonathan Marchessault #81 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Heading into Game 2, the Golden Knights knew that it was time to bounce back after their Game 1 loss to the Minnesota Wild. They needed to bring back that physicality and of course, get back to their goal-scoring ways. The truth of the matter is, the Golden Knights are one of the top-scoring teams in all the NHL but didn’t look the part at the start of this series.

Thankfully, the Golden Knights got back on track in their Game 2 win over the Wild to the final score of 3-1. When his team needed it most, left winger Jonathan Marchessault stepped up and delivered. He scored the first goal of the series and proved to be a much-needed catalyst for the Golden Knights.

It was a beautiful goal and helped set the tone for the rest of the game. It’s no secret that the Golden Knights tend to win more hockey games when they strike first and maintain leads. Such is the case with their Game 2 win and well, Marchessault answered the big question in the room if the Golden Knights would return to their dominantly scoring ways.

Hopefully, this is the start of many more big plays and offensive highlights to come. With the series now tied at 1-1, Game 3 will prove to be another test for the Golden Knights. Can they continue scoring during pivotal moments of a hockey game? Can they continue being physical when it comes to their defensive stops against a very physical Wild team? Will they be able to turn the tide and actually take the series lead?

All these questions and more will be answered as all eyes will be on Game 3 and the ability of the Golden Knights to continue this strong momentum. Now that they’ve proven to be able to put everything together on the ice, now it’s time to see if they can string some back-to-back wins and get back to their consistent ways.