Vegas Golden Knights: Full order of picks in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

A detailed view of the Top 31 draft picks on the video board after the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
A detailed view of the Top 31 draft picks on the video board after the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Find out exactly where the Vegas Golden Knights will be picking in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

One of the most important and notable events in the National Hockey League calendar is nearly upon us, and all eyes will be on what the Vegas Golden Knights do at the 2020 NHL Draft.

Of course, and as with everything else in this strange year, the 2020 Draft will be like no other before it with proceedings to take place virtually.

It will be weird and it will be interesting to see what the NHL has come up for in terms of making the Draft an entertaining made-for-TV product.

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They hit a home run with how they presented the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and all eyes will be on the NHL on Tuesday with the First Round set to start at 4:00 p.m. PT.

You can watch all the action and all the drama unfold on NBCSN.

Rounds 2-7 will then take place the following day on Wednesday, with coverage throughout the day on the NHL Network from 8:30 a.m. PT.

As far as the Golden Knights are concerned it should be a busy couple of days.

They currently have the No. 29 overall pick and, according to General Manager Kelly McCrimmon, Vegas will select the best player available talent wise.

Given how deep this draft is the Knights should be able to select a high-end prospect with their late First Round pick.

The Golden Knights hold five picks in total but currently don’t have any selections in the Second Round, or the Fourth and Fifth Rounds.

That could change with a trade or two, of course.

Let us map out all five Golden Knights picks for you in order:

  • First Round – No. 29
  • Third Round – No. 68 (Acquired from the New Jersey Devils)
  • Third Round – No. 91
  • Sixth Round – No. 184
  • Seventh Round – No. 215

Vegas’ first Third Round pick was acquired as part of the Nikita Gusev trade, while they traded away their Second Round selection to the LA Kings in order to acquire veteran defenseman Alec Martinez prior to the 2020 Trade Deadline.

The Golden Knights’ fourth round pick went to the Toronto Maple Leafs as part of that Garret Sparks for David Clarkson trade last summer, while the Leafs also get Vegas’ fifth round pick for taking on some of Robin Lehner‘s salary in that stunning Trade Deadline move.

Despite only having five picks at their disposal, there is enough talent in this Draft for the Golden Knights to be able to bolster their pipeline further, and they should be able to pick up a real high-end talent at the end of the First Round.

Before we go, let’s run through the complete order of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft…

2020 NHL Entry Draft Full Order

Now, it is worth mentioning that this could change at any minute due to trades, and we are bound to see a flurry of trades on Draft Day tomorrow.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the 49th overall pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft will be void after the Arizona Coyotes had to forfeit their pick after violating the NHL’s Combine Testing Policy.

Without further ado, let’s delve in…

Round 1

1. NY Rangers
2. Los Angeles
3. Ottawa (from SJS)
4. Detroit
5. Ottawa
6. Anaheim
7. New Jersey
8. Buffalo
9. Minnesota
10. Winnipeg
11. Nashville
12. Florida
13. Carolina (from TOR)
14. Edmonton
15. Toronto (from PIT)
16. Montreal
17. Chicago
18. New Jersey (from ARI)
19. Calgary
20. New Jersey (from VAN via TBL)
21. Columbus
22. NY Rangers (from CAR)
23. Philadelphia
24. Washington
25. Colorado
26. St. Louis
27. Anaheim (from BOS)
28. Ottawa (from NYI)
29. VGK
30. Dallas
31. San Jose (from TBL)

Round 2

32. Detroit
33. Ottawa
34. San Jose
35. Los Angeles
36. Anaheim
37. Nashville (from NJD)
38. Buffalo
39. Minnesota
40. Winnipeg
41. Carolina (from NYR)
42. Nashville
43. Florida
44. Toronto
45. Detroit (from EDM)
46. Chicago (from PIT via VGK)
47. Montreal
48. Montreal (from CHI)
49. No selection
50. Calgary
51. Los Angeles (from VAN)
52. Ottawa (from CBJ)
53. Carolina
54. Philadelphia
55. Detroit (from WSH)
56. San Jose (from COL via WSH)
57. Montreal (from STL)
58. Boston
59. Ottawa (from NYI)
60. Los Angeles (from VGK)
61. Ottawa (from DAL via VGK)
62. Tampa Bay

Pick 49 – The NHL directed the forfeiture of this pick in sanctions against the Arizona Coyotes announced Aug. 26, 2020.

Round 3

63. Detroit
64. Ottawa
65. Detroit (from SJS)
66. Los Angeles
67. Anaheim
68. VGK (from NJD)
69. Carolina (from BUF)
70. Nashville (from MIN)
71. Ottawa (from WPG)
72. NY Rangers
73. Nashville
74. Florida
75. Colorado (from TOR)
76. Edmonton (optional to CGY, conditional to CHI)
77. Pittsburgh
78. Montreal
79. Chicago
80. Washington (from ARI via COL)
81. Calgary (conditional to CHI)
82. Vancouver
83. Los Angeles (from CBJ via OTT and TOR)
84. New Jersey (from CAR)
85. Tampa Bay (from PHI via SJS)
86. St. Louis (from WSH via MTL)
87. Florida (from COL)
88. St. Louis
89. Boston
90. NY Islanders
91. VGK 
92. NY Rangers (from DAL)
93. Tampa Bay

Round 4

94. Tampa Bay (from DET)
95. Ottawa
96. Calgary (from SJS via MTL and BUF)
97. Los Angeles
98. Montreal (from ANA)
99. New Jersey
100. Buffalo
101. Minnesota
102. Montreal (from WPG)
103. NY Rangers
104. Anaheim (from NSH via PHI)
105. Florida
106. Toronto
107. Detroit (from EDM)
108. Pittsburgh
109. Montreal
110. Chicago
111. Arizona
112. Los Angeles (from CGY)
113. Vancouver
114. Columbus
115. Carolina
116. Philadelphia
117. Washington
118. Colorado
119. St. Louis
120. New Jersey (from BOS)
121. NY Islanders
122. Toronto (from VGK)
123. Dallas
124. Tampa Bay

Round 5

125. Detroit
126. San Jose (from OTT)
127. San Jose
128. Los Angeles
129. Anaheim
130. New Jersey
131. Buffalo
132. Minnesota
133. Winnipeg
134. NY Rangers
135. Nashville
136. Montreal (from FLA)
137. Florida (from TOR)
138. Edmonton
139. Pittsburgh
140. Carolina (from MTL)
141. Chicago
142. Arizona
143. Calgary
144. Vancouver
145. Columbus
146. St. Louis (from CAR)
147. Philadelphia
148. Washington
149. Colorado
150. St. Louis
151. Boston
152. NY Islanders
153. Toronto (from VGK)
154. Dallas
155. Ottawa (from TBL)

Round 6

156. Detroit
157. Tampa Bay (from OTT)
158. Ottawa (from SJS)
159. Los Angeles
160. Anaheim
161. New Jersey
162. Dallas (from BUF via CAR and FLA)
163. Minnesota
164. Winnipeg
165. NY Rangers
166. Nashville
167. Colorado (from FLA)
168. Toronto
169. Edmonton
170. Pittsburgh
171. Montreal
172. Chicago
173. Arizona
174. Calgary
175. Vancouver
176. Columbus
177. Toronto (from CAR)
178. Philadelphia
179. Washington
180. Toronto (from COL)
181. Ottawa (from STL via EDM)
182. Boston
183. NY Islanders
184. Vegas
185. Dallas
186. Tampa Bay

Round 7

187. Detroit
188. Montreal (from OTT)
189. Toronto (from SJS)
190. Los Angeles
191. Vancouver (from ANA)
192. New Jersey
193. Buffalo
194. Minnesota
195. Toronto (from WPG via MIN)
196. NY Rangers
197. NY Rangers (from NSH)
198. Florida
199. Carolina (from TOR)
200. Edmonton
201. San Jose (from PIT)
202. Philadelphia (from MTL)
203. St. Louis (from CHI via MTL)
204. Arizona
205. Calgary
206. NY Rangers (from VAN)
207. Columbus
208. Carolina
209. Philadelphia
210. San Jose (from WSH)
211. Colorado
212. Toronto (from STL)
213. Boston
214. NY Islanders
215. VGK
216. Buffalo (from DAL)
217. Tampa Bay

So, that’s the Draft order set and we will have plenty of Draft content up online over the coming hours as we countdown until the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

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