Vegas Golden Knights: Reaves, Roussel battle key ingredient in Game 3

Round 3 of this slugfest between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Vancouver Canucks is about to get underway.

Round 3 is also about to get underway between Vegas Golden Knights enforcer Ryan Reaves and Canucks pest Antoine Roussel.

And we can’t wait.

The duel between the two bottom-line grinders has been one of the most compelling storylines to come out of this Round 2 matchup so far, and it should only heat up.

It has been pretty compelling to watch already with Reaves coming out on top in Game 1, delivering some chicken noises and doing plenty of chirping.

It was abundantly clear that the gameplan was for Roussel to get under the skin of Reaves and the Golden Knights, and vice-versa.

However, it was Reaves who had the last laugh after Roussel was handed a 10-minute misconduct.

Golden Knights forward Reilly Smith made it clear in the wake of the game that his team were not bothered by Roussel’s antics, and it was no surprise to see the Vancouver forward keep a lid on things in Game 2.

Don’t expect to see that last too long, though.

After all, teams are always looking for that extra edge in the postseason and it is no secret just how much of an impact Reaves can have on a game despite being a fourth-line enforcer.

He’s one of the most intimidating presences in the entire NHL, can hit like an absolute train and can also chip in with offense as proven by his four points (4 A) in the postseason so far.

Reaves is also one of the finest trash talkers out there.

So Roussel will no doubt look to get under the skin of the Golden Knights at some point in this series, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he acts like a pest in Game 3 given what is on the line for both teams.

With a back-to-back this weekend, either the Golden Knights or the Canucks have a real opportunity to grab a stranglehold on this series.

While the Canucks will need their speed and skill in order to win this series, Roussel will be an important tool in terms of disrupting the Knights and getting into their heads.

That’s where Reaves comes in.

While he was content with making fun of Roussel in Game 1, if he feels his rival is either taking things too far or is actually making an impact on the game, then Reaves will act with either a crushing hit or by dropping the gloves.

Reaves doing what he does best will send a message and also give his team a jolt of energy, and if a response is well-timed then it could prove crucial in the outcome of this series.

And, again, it wouldn’t be surprising if Reaves and Roussel clash in Game 3 in order to give their teams an edge in what is going to be a huge weekend for this series.

And we’re all here for it.

Watching Reaves take an opponent out with either a bone-shuddering hit or a huge hook is a lot of fun, but Roussel is also a master of his craft and we have a feeling things are only getting started between these two.