Reports suggests Vegas Golden Knights hockey could be back sooner rather than later

Get ready because it appears that we are nearing a return date for Vegas Golden Knights hockey.

While proposal after proposal for how the NHL could resume the 2019-20 regular season has emerged on an almost daily basis, reports have surfaced today that suggests the Vegas Golden Knights will be back soon.

According to former NHL forward and the MVP of the 2016 NHL All-Star Game John Scott, NHL Training Camps are set to begin on June 1, with players currently based in Europe set to return to North America soon.

Now, there has been no official confirmation from any of the various NHL insiders whether this is true or not, but it does fall in line with what we’ve heard this week.

As we covered the other day, the NHL is hellbent on finishing the regular season and they are currently vetting a number of NHL arenas with the intention of resuming action in four cities in July.

So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Scott has been given this information from either a player or a team executive given his connections, and it is incredibly exciting news for hockey fans.

Because, if true, it does mean that the NHL’s plans to resume the 2019-20 regular season in July will likely come to fruition.

And, as a result, that means we would get to see our Golden Knights back in action in the immediate future.

Everything Scott is saying does make sense and, again, while there is no official confirmation, players reporting back on June 1 would given each team a month-long Training Camp to get players back into game shape.

After all, a couple of months away from the rink is a long time and a lot of players probably haven’t been anywhere near a sheet of ice since the NHL went on lockdown due to COVID-19.

Staging a Training Camp will allow players to get back into their groove, while preventing the risk of serious injury that would no doubt happen if teams jumped straight back into games.

An added benefit, especially for a team like the Golden Knights, is the fact that this hiatus has given certain players the chance to recover from injury.

Mark Stone of the Vegas Golden Knights waits for a faceoff against the Toronto Maple Leafs during an NHL game at Scotiabank Arena on November 7, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In Vegas’ case, Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty and Alex Tuch all went down prior to sports going on lockdown, but all three should be healthy or nearing that stage and a month-long training camp should be what they need in order to get game ready.

Given that the Golden Knights were nearing the peak of their powers under Head Coach Peter DeBoer, hopefully a short Training Camp will be just what is needed when it comes to blowing off any rust, thus allowing them to get straight back down to business once the games do restart.

Also, getting players and teams back on June 1 ready for the season to resume in July ensures that the 2020-21 season isn’t impacted too much, if at all and that is of huge importance to the NHL as it should be.

Of course, as with anything during these uncharted waters we are currently swimming in, there will be a plethora of questions when it comes to the logistics of where Training Camps will be held.

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Will they be staged in each teams’ facility or will the NHL conduct all Training Camps from the four arenas they are planning on using for the games?

There is a lot to be wrinkled out but, regardless, the possibility that the Vegas Golden Knights could be back on the ice as early as June for Training Camp is incredibly exciting.