Why Tomas Hertl Will Be MVP of the Vegas Golden Knights vs. the Dallas Stars

It's no secret that Tomas Hertl has impacted the Vegas Golden Knights positively. So why will he be the MVP in the series against the Dallas Stars?
Colorado Avalanche v Vegas Golden Knights
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1. Tomas Hertl Has Made the Power Play Better

Lukas Dostal, Tomas Hertl, Jonathan Marchessault
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The Vegas Golden Knights have never had a great power play. The unit has been marred by various miscues and a lack of a presence up front. That's why they got Tomas Hertl to remedy the issues. So far, that impact's being felt by the Golden Knights.

In their last six games, the Golden Knight have scored seven power play goals on 15 opportunities. With a power play goal and power play assist, the former Shark has boosted the unit. How has Hertl made the Golden Knights more dangerous on the man advantage?