Why this "Original Misfit" not returning makes sense

One of the "Original Misfits" isn't returning to the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why that makes sense.
Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks - Game Seven / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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Carrier's production has dropped off

Having an injury history comes with its consequences. William Carrier didn't just suffer medical issues that sidelined him: Carrier's production also fell. His good 2022-23 season translated into a downgrade the season after, with many statistics signifying a surprising drop.

Take your pick from the various drops, from the goals (16 in 2022-23 to six) to shooting percentage (13.6% in 2022-23 to 9.2%). There are also the shots attempted (172 shots attempted in 2022-23 to 126) which shows the fall in production. It's the price one pays for missing time without having a good bill of health.

Yes, one can say some of his stats could've been surpassed if he played a full season. One could also say 2022-23 was a career year for the forward. But his production declined as a result of his injuries. One perfect non-hockey example is Derrick Rose, a promising NBA star devastated by various medical issues.

The former NBA MVP struggled with ankle and knee problems throughout his career, decimating his career. It got to the point where he was reduced to being a key player off the bench, a far cry from being the face of a franchise like the Chicago Bulls. Carrier faces that same problem, only he's not winning the Hart Memorial Trophy any time soon.