Why the Vegas Golden Knights must NOT sign Corey Perry

Corey Perry is set to become a free agent this offseason. Here's why the Vegas Golden Knights should avoid him at all costs.
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game One
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game One / Elsa/GettyImages
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Some teams will do anything to fill a talent exodus in the upcoming free agency period. What's a team to do when salary cap space is extremely tight, leaving them without many options? That's the case with the Vegas Golden Knights, who have little to work with. There's not much wiggle room for the franchise to help them, leaving them in a tight space.

That would mean the Golden Knights would be wise to sign anybody they needed, right? That would include Corey Perry, a former Hart Trophy winner. After all, depth is a treasured aspect of a great hockey team. Just look at the Florida Panthers, who have great players on all four lines and carry blue-line depth. The result is the Panthers being up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup against the Edmonton Oilers.

It would be nice to add the veteran forward to the mix. He brings scoring to any team he plays for and has good offensive acumen. Such experience is great for a team needing scoring depth. That's why Vegas should explore adding the Oilers winger, right?

Sadly, this isn't the case, for there are reasons why they should stay away. There's such a thing as having quality depth, where everyone pulls their weight and delivers good production. Besides, there have been cases where the wrong signing can hinder a team. One good example is Phil Kessel, whose aged body couldn't keep up with a faster league.

But that shouldn't be the only cautionary tale for the Vegas Golden Knights to consider. Making the right signings in free agency will help them return to the Stanley Cup Final, after all. Here are three reasons why Vegas should pass on Corey Perry.

Corey Perry isn't getting younger

As mentioned earlier, Phil Kessel wasn't the same player he was during the 2010s. Yes, he contributed to the Golden Knights, scoring 14 goals and 22 assists (two goals and seven assists on the power play). But he was far from his 80-90 point days, where he could score between 45-55 assists in a season. As a result, he didn't make the playoff roster.

On the ice, Kessel looked sluggish and exhausted. He had a tough time in transition, lagging behind his teammates on the rush. It's easy to see why the 36-year-old wasn't on the Stanley Cup playoff roster. That's no disrespect to Kessel, who's had a legendary career. His athletic ability had deteriorated, leaving him a shell of his former self.

That doesn't bode well for Corey Perry, whose offensive production has seen a drastic dip. He scored 12 goals and 10 assists this season, a significant difference from his 2010-11 campaign (50 goals, 48 assists). The result is a healthy scratch in the Stanley Cup Final, where the winger is being replaced by more reliable talent.

Some players like Joe Pavelski can still produce at a higher clip, with the Stars center scoring 27 goals and 40 assists this season. Sadly, the 39-year-old Perry is in the twilight of his career, with his last meaningful campaign coming from his Anaheim Ducks days. Therefore, it would be wise for teams like the Vegas Golden Knights to pass on him in free agency.