Why the Athletics Won't Be a Hit Like the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics are making their way to Sin City. However, they won't be instant successes like the Golden Knights. Here's why.

Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics
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3. The Athletics Just... Stink

Abraham Toro
Oakland Athletics v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Last season, the Oakland Athletics racked up 112 losses, sitting dead last in MLB. The team was such a disaster that boycotts were prevalent throughout the season, protesting the team's direction.

As for the Vegas Golden Knights, well, they're were the Stanley Cup champions last season. It was the first championship in the four major sports leagues to come to Las Vegas, setting off a monumental celebration in Sin City.

It seems that success will elude the Oakland Athletics for a while, specifically with their rebuild. There's nothing in their farm system and no desire to bump up the payroll. Las Vegas would be getting a mediocre team that would be forgotten for the first two-to-three months and the last two months of baseball season. Of course, the Vegas Golden Knights would be the sole focus during that time, with the Raiders taking up the tail end with the Golden Knights.