Why the Athletics Won't Be a Hit Like the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics are making their way to Sin City. However, they won't be instant successes like the Golden Knights. Here's why.
Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics
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2. The Vegas Golden Knights Are Originally From Las Vegas

Mark Stone
Seattle Kraken v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Why would Las Vegas residents want another Oakland team on their hands? At least the Raiders fan base travel well, having fans in Las Vegas and California. The same can't be said for the Athletics, whose popularity resides in Oakland and its surrounding areas.

One thing Gary Bettman can claim superiority over Rob Manfred (and rightfully so) is making hockey in Las Vegas work. After awarding Foley an NHL franchise in Sin City, Bettman and company have carefully planned events in the area, ranging from having the NHL Draft in Las Vegas to the NHL All-Star Game. The NHL is even hosting the NHL Draft in the Sphere this summer.

Las Vegas is a tourist attraction, bringing in numerous visitors across the globe. It'll be difficult to grow a fan base with a team with low attendance numbers in Oakland. That's especially true with an owner like John Fisher, who's desperate to shoehorn a baseball team in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas residents want their own team, and the response is growing every day.