Why the Athletics Won't Be a Hit Like the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics are making their way to Sin City. However, they won't be instant successes like the Golden Knights. Here's why.

Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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1. Ownership

Rickey Henderson, John Fisher
San Diego Padres v Oakland Athletics / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

John Fisher isn't the most likable person on the planet. He's run shoe-string budgets, failed to renovate Oakland Coliseum, and has raised ticket prices even when the A's have been terrible. Aside from being a punchable person, there aren't many things one can do with Fisher.

Compare that to Bill Foley, who's the pinnacle of excellence in the NHL. An honorable owner who fulfilled his promise of a Stanley Cup in six seasons, Foley has made the Vegas Golden Knights into a household name. The Golden Knights have also acquired big names in recent memory, making them the Stanley Cup favorites.

If an average sports fan was asked who'd they rather have between Fisher and Foley, Foley would win 99% of the time. The Golden Knights owner has established a winning culture in Las Vegas, making hockey matter... in a desert. Speaking of relocating...