Why the Athletics Won't Be a Hit Like the Golden Knights

The Oakland Athletics are making their way to Sin City. However, they won't be instant successes like the Golden Knights. Here's why.
Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics
Cleveland Guardians v Oakland Athletics / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The Oakland Athletics are making their way to Las Vegas. With all 30 MLB owners on board (along with the Commissioner, Rob Manfred), the process is underway to bring baseball to Sin City. The Tropicana is set to close on April 2, 2024, to make way for a new ballpark.

MLB executives are doing flips over having baseball in Las Vegas. All-Star Games, the World Series, and other MLB events coming to Sin City? It's enough to make Manfred shriek like a schoolgirl. Everything sounds good and dandy, right?

But here's the thing. There are many problems within this move, from Schools Over Stadiums filing a lawsuit to the team itself. The aftermath has led to a lukewarm reception in Las Vegas, with fears that the move will become disastrous.

So let's compare the Athletics' potential start in Vegas to the Golden Knights. Why are the A's doomed to fail compared to their hockey counterparts? What makes the Vegas Golden Knights special as opposed to the Athletics?