Who should be known as Mr. Golden Knight?

Jim Otto, a Raiders staple, passed away on May 19. He was a team anchor known as Mr. Raider. Which Vegas hockey star should be known as Mr. Golden Knight?
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six
Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game Six / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Vegas sports history is quickly evolving, with the Vegas Golden Knights taking center stage. That's right, they're at the forefront of a community that has arguably one of the most infamous NFL franchises ever in the Raiders. However, there's some somber news coming from the Silver and Black this week.

Hall of Fame center Jim Otto passed away on Sunday at the age of 86. He was a part of the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team, playing in 210 consecutive games. Before Phil Kessel made his mark as the NHL's "Iron Man," Otto established himself in the annals of longevity. With his presence, he turned the Raiders into a prominent NFL franchise. But a more fitting nickname for him was "Mr. Raider," for he exemplified everything excellent about the team.

With Otto's sad passing leaves an interesting question: Who would be known as "Mr. Golden Knight?" Such a distinction should go to a tenured member of the organization. That person should build their team up on the ice and carry the team name with a sense of honor. While all this sounds like fancy jargon, it's the standard Bill Foley has carried since the franchise's inception. So who deserves the honored distinction?

The honor of "Mr. Golden Knight"

Should the distinction of "Mr. Golden Knight" go to an "Original Misfit?" For that, you have some choices to work with here. That consists of Jonathan Marchessault, William Karlsson, Brayden McNabb, Shea Theodore, and William Carrier. In this case, Theodore, Karlsson, and Marchessault would be at the top of the list since they're the most established.

These players exemplify longevity and talent at their respective positions, helping the Vegas Golden Knights make two Stanley Cup Finals (winning one last season). They deserve serious recognition for their contributions on (and off) the ice. Even Marc-Andre Fleury could be thrown in the mix because he was a Vezina winner and an "Original Misfit."

Perhaps it's their more notable faces of the franchise, Jack Eichel and Mark Stone? Stone is the captain of the team, while people associate the Golden Knights with Eichel. It's safe to say these names wouldn't be surprising for the highest moniker of the franchise. The same could be said for Alex Pietrangelo and his incredible play on the ice. However, there's a particular person that fits the bill...

Jonathan Marchessault is "Mr. Golden Knight"

There's nobody who deserves the title more than the Conn Smythe winner himself. He's an example of excellence and carrying the Vegas Golden Knights way wherever he goes. Similar to Jim Otto, Jonathan Marchessault is the face of the franchise, showing what it means to win and overcome any obstacle.

That's why he's endeared by the Las Vegas community so much. As an "Original Misfit," the winger has grown into a superstar, acting as a consistent part of the lineup. In turn, he's associated with everything stemming from the franchise, representing its best values.

Will he return for an encore run? Stay tuned. Crazier things have happened, with Ivan Barbashev being re-signed as a perfect example. Still, fans should hope they see their "Misfit" return for one more crack in Sin City. Things wouldn't be the same without "Mr. Golden Knight" around anymore, which would set the Vegas hockey world upside down.